Perhaps that was stupid...

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I impulsively auditioned for the school play today. I had no previous intention to, I didn't even know that the auditions were today. Yet it seems I'll be in a musical now. Huh.
Well... okay, I'll explain if you insist.
Tuesday Chorus is one of my favorite classes of the week... topped only by Monday Latin. This is because Tuesday is the 'extra' day of chorus, when everybody is relaxed and silly, plus Bday's in chorus. Yes, Bday pretty much is the entertainment for Chorus, particularly on Tuesday... and we get to sing. Win-win.
The chorus teacher was talking all about the play, tryouts, etc.
Bday showed us all an example audition song :) It was great.
I showed up at the auditions. I'm still not sure exactly why. I may have just been following Bday around or something. I'm really glad I did, though... it'll be fun. I love being in plays.
Even though they apparently cut out the part where two guys accidentally kiss and edited it so they crazily crash into each other instead... annoying, yet probably a wise decision considering the probable reactions from the audience. Bah, whatever.
Clueless and Other both showed up as encouragement, and they both left before my audition... so much for moral support. The new girl, whose name is now Gennifer to you, stayed, though. (I love the name Gennifer; I've been waiting for someone to whom it could be assigned!)
Ha. Anyway, I'm now in a play, where I will see Bday at all the rehearsals... which is good. I think this will be fun.
'Cept that I'm now in two musicals at the same time!
You're all proud of my bad judgement. Ha.
I will enjoy this, though.


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My guess is that they would

My guess is that they would have cut the kiss out even if it had been between people of opposite sexes. It being a school play, the actors being kids, et cetera.

What's the play about? What's the first play, and why have we not heard anything about it until now?

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yeah, what's the show?

yeah, what's the show? *super curious*
...i miss chorus class... i haven't had one since middle school. =\

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Chorus came super-close to being cut this year... somehow it stayed :D
The first play that 'm in isn't anything in particular... it's that Honk! thing, with the ugly duckling and such... I have no idea why that would be picked, but Jayjay's doing it and it seemed fun.
This play is... what... oh, yes, it's the musical 13, which I find funny... the chorus teacher evidently suggested it because we did some of the music last year. The boys don't kiss on purpose, anyway. They simultaneously lean in to kiss a girl they're sitting on either side of, who ducks backwards, and they miss...
I don't even know anything at all about this play, just that it's a big drama-fest over, like, sixth-grade nonsense that's apparently fun to goof around with. Huh.
Thing is, they have let opposite-sex kisses stay in the plays before... generally minimized, but not eliminated, if you know what I mean.
Obviously I don't really care what show I'm in as long as I get to do something mildly interesting...which I'm sure I will.
Also obviously, I shouldn't post journals while half-asleep. Or comments, for that matter.
Excuse the brain-dead-ness.