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They're coming so quickly! I must type this journal fast before I miss too many! Okay, to the journal!

Ha. Bday was wearing a sparkly panda ring today... new panda obsession? Ha, Bday and Clueless can share it. Clueless has had that obsession for over a year.
Speaking of Clueless: D:< GRRRR. The stupid blackmail has returned. Why can't Clueless get that this isn't something you joke around about! You can't just waltz around saying, 'Hey,Flyby sent me this email...'! IDIOT! And I don't want to act too angry... or Clueless will be like, 'Oh, we're not friends anymore! As revenge, I shall TELL everyone that Flyby is all obsessed with Bday, and that gaj is a gajindiak,' (I don't mind the gajindiak part, I'm happy to tell people that...they just put it down as randomness, anyway) etc.
And in Science, Clueless, my friend Shneer, and I all sit next to one another... which was a bad idea on the teacher's part... anyway, Clueless started the random un-called for blackmail again, I threw an eraser (bad selfcontrol) and shut Clueless up. I then turned to Shneer and said, 'You must be getting really curious about what this is by now, huh?' (Clueless has almost-blurted in Science before...)
Shneer: 'Actually, I'm not. You obviously don't want me to know, so I've been blocking it out every time this happens in case Clueless does say it. I still won't know, just like you want.'
Oh... I find that really, really sweet and nice. Most people would be like, Oooh, I wanna hear! And Shneer doesn't, out of respect for me... therefore beating Clueless badly in the Friend Competition.
Me: 'Oh... thank you.'
Shneer: 'Yeah... by now I'm figuring it's something really horrible and dark, though...'
Me: 'Not really...' Simultaneously Clueless says,
'It is! Really twisted and dark and creepy...'
Me: 'No, it isn't! Not at all! Well, maybe twisted,but not really that, either.'
Clueless: 'No, you know it's creepy!'
Me: 'Um! No, it isn't!'
Shneer: 'I'm blocking this out still!'


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if Clueless is blackmailing you why is she still your friend. friends don't blackmail each other.

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Agreed with what was said

Agreed with what was said above. Shneer seems nice.

Do people mind if you say you're a gajindiak? (I'm proud, I just spelled that without looking up to see the spelling 'til after and I got it right). Why's it not spelt, by the way?

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Clueless is being a pain and I wish that I could just say, 'I don't want to be considered your friend, you must stop,' etc. Thing is, if I try and 'sever the ties' there will be nothing, nothing at all, to prevent that fateful secret from being exposed...
Generally people don't really care if I say I'm a gajindiak. I'll usually be ignored, and still referred to as 'she'... it's annoying. I know my mother doesn't like it, but... there isn't really much I can do about that.
What do you mean by 'Why's it not spelt'?