Purse Envy

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Why do only the females get to have purses?
It’s not fair, I mean sure they’ve got a lot more stuff to carry around but so do I and it would be one less thing to do in the morning cause I have to chose what stuff I’m going to put into my pockets for school.
Well sure I could put it into my book bag but then it’s a bit harder to get to and I either won’t do it or just forget that that’s where I put my stuff, maybe that makes me lazy but I’d rather be lazy with a purse than… well unlazy (yes, I know unlazy isn’t a word and I DON’T CARE) without a purse.


Purses purses all around (^_^)
Purses purses just abound (*^_^*)
I dance around without a sound ^_^
To kill all those that crouch and hound *^_^*

Why is life without a purse ?_?
Why to love and dove and nurse @_@
To put the whole world in a hurse *_*
To blow it up and twirl and burst <_>

(High pitched crazy laugh)
He he he he he ha ha ha ha ha
(cough cough) he! He!


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Who says purses are for girls?

Obviously they've never heard of MURSES. :P There's this huge football player at my school that carried a murse once.

Having a purse IS pretty great, though. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have a way to carry around all my crap... You need one!

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so I looked at the link you put down and they look really great so mabey I will get one some day but right now It's pretty low on my priority list.
Thanks for the link

Hopelessly optimistic, yes, that just might be me

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My dad definitely has a

My dad definitely has a murse. He keeps all of his techy stuff in it.

I don't like purses though honestly. I'm much more of a stuff-everything-in-my-pockets kind of person. Haha. If I need more space I'll bring a backpack, but that's usually for carrying my art supplies. Haha.

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only replace the art sipplies with books and something to write in

"A loving man and woman in a committed relationship can marry. Dogs, no matter what their relationship, are not allowed to marry. How should society treat gays and lesbians in committed relationships? As dogs or as humans?"

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Actually I usually put my stuff in my back pack too but sometimes I just don't have enough time to find the stuff I need.

Hopelessly optimistic, yes, that just might be me

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I carry a "purse" everywhere
mainly because i HATE having things in my pocket i don't know how people stand it
that and because my bag is awesome, it has a huge furry tail on it
and my wallet is also way to big to be carried in a pocket...

"pleasure is absolute, pain is relative."

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A furry tail? YAY!!!! Hey I

A furry tail?
Hey I wonder if... no it just wouldn't feel right carrying around a bag that looked like cat (those big eyes just looking at you).
Mabey a racoon if it wasn't too realistic? Nay that wouldn't look right ether.
Oh well

Hopelessly optimistic, yes, that just might be me

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my bestfriend (male) carries

my bestfriend (male) carries a purse and I (female) don't. F\UCK GENDER EXPECTATIONS!

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Down with the expectations

Down with the expectations of society.

Hopelessly optimistic, yes, that just might be me

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When I am out of school and

When I am out of school and no longer toting my stuff in a backpack, I will get a man-purse!

Supposedly, I would conceivably be able to get away with a real purse, as I am known to society as a girl despite bearing very little resemblance to one, but that conflicts with both my own sensibilities and the boyish image I project. Thus, man-purse!

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I lose most purse-type objects... though I have unusually large-pocketed jackets. I almost always am wearing a sweatshirt with large pockets and pants with large pockets, as well as a jacket with large pockets over it. They are always crammed with stuff. Seriously, my mom got me a North Face when I was eleven or so and was like, 'It's so soft, and such a nice color...' I said, 'Forget that! LOOK AT THESE POCKETS!!!' and began shoving small notebooks, colored pencils, and Chapsticks into it.
In other words, I am unable to keep track of anything small that is not in the pocket of some article of clothing.
So I have never needed nor wanted a purse or a man-purse.
If my pockets can't hold it, I'll be wearing a backpack. And that's the way it is.