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I'm kind of tempted to tell my new friend Jude about Oasis... I'm not sure it's a good idea, though. I've been thinking, maybe too much, and can think of pretty good reasons both for and against it. So, I want to know what you guys think.

Reasons to introduce Jude to Oasis:

  • He's coming to terms with his sexuality and gender.
  • It could be a way for him and me to communicate and keep in touch - he invited me to join Facebook for that very purpose, but I decided against it because, well, it's Facebook.
  • He is kind of the ultimate 'ally.'
  • He really needs a place to unload everything he feels and thinks and so forth and so on, more responsive than a paper journal but less judgmental than real-life acquaintances.

    Reasons not to:

  • He's straight, even if he doesn't really like that fact.
  • I'm not sure how I'd react to somebody I know in real life reading my journal - especially if I write about him.

    Yeah... the pros do seem to outweigh the cons... But I'm still not sure. I want the opinion of you lot.

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    i think it'd be a support

    i think it'd be a support network for him that'd be good- just remember that when one real life person sees this site, the risk of others seeing it becomes infinitely more real. i made the mistake of telling a girl i was almost-dating about the site... after we started dating, she read my journals and we had to break up.

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    He's coming to terms with being straight?!

    "Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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    Yup. Weird, eh?

    Yup. Weird, eh?

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    Read once... then again... and

    Oh boy!

    "He's straight, even if he doesn't really like that fact."

    I'm going to remain tuned in for coming episodes. :)

    I sense the possibility for some real surprises!

    In the meantime, let the mutual affections flourish...

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    i definitely think you

    i definitely think you should go for it.
    i had kinda the same concerns when i was thinking about showing my friend(s) it, and i just kinda ignored them.
    i showed Joey a few years ago (who i've written about a few times) and he didn't really stick with this, but when i showed my friend Meg from writing camp, she loved it.
    she's still writing on here (more often than me, TBH) & i think its helped her. (has it, Meg?)
    the choice is ultimately yours, but i'd go for it.

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    Let him join, just don't

    Let him join, just don't tell him your screen name, that way, whats yours is still yours but he can get a go at it too.

    wow, if only life was that simple, coming to terms with being straight. Thats a new one :)

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    Sorry for being late!

    (ladyfingers, no offense but I think Jude would be able to tell who MacAvity was.)
    I am kind of torn here. If and when Jude does come to terms with being straight Oasis probably won't be necessary anymore, in which case Jude stops 'coming' later on and Oasis will have helped yet in the long run you'll still have what's yours. Unfortunately, life doesn't really work so logically and I can't predict the future. As far as I can see, Oasis could help Jude and so serve its purpose. I would feel really bad if I prevented someone from being introduced to this site when benefits would have been possible... so go for it!

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    Yes. Hola. It has helped me

    Yes. Hola. It has helped me a lot.
    So I would say go for it.
    There is a large support group of people here that can really help one another, and just hear each other's thoughts if need be.