Quickly Ranting.

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So I just saw a thriller movie that I swear is going to keep me up for hours more. I didn't watch it by choice...it was for school.

Anyway, today is my 2-year coming out anniversary.


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Two years to the day that I

Two years to the day that I came out to my parents.

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Congratulations. My two-year

Congratulations. My two-year out to (oops) everyone anniversary is in about 4 months, and sometimes it felt like ages ago while other times it feels like yesterday.

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Happy coming-out anniversary!

;D ;) :D :)

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CONGRATS! i dont even know

CONGRATS! i dont even know when my coming out anniversary is but i know it was 2 years ago around this time. i guess 2 years ago around this time was a big coming out time :-P

try not to regret anything...because at one point it was exactly what you wanted

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Ooh, yes! Happy coming-out

Ooh, yes! Happy coming-out anniversary! (If that's the right exclamation for such an occasion?)