Researching estrogen and SQUIRRLS!!!

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Ok so like the title says I'm reaserching estrogen and and ways to get at it with out going through a docter or paying really high prices for them (because I have yet to get a job and my banky book is.... somewhere) or coming out (whispery voice) to my parents (now loud voice) OR ANY ONE ELSE FOR THAT MATTER.

So I know that there's stuff out there and I'm not stupid enough to use it without a docters help (or am I?).

So I just want to know my opptions, so any help? is welcome.

P.s. and on a more squirrly note here's a site with a seriously demented squirle


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unfortunately, I think the

unfortunately, I think the only way to get estrogen in a form that won't screw up your health is through a doctor. Internet stuffs are generally not safe, and that goes double for hormones.

You say you don't wanna go through anyone, and that is perfectly understandable if you're not ready to come out. But if there's an anonymous hotline in your area, I'd suggest calling them and asking for advice, they'll probably be able to give you more specific advice based on where you live.