Since I won't be on tonight, I'll post

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now. I'll be at Jayjay's from 7-ish on, so why not?
There's not much I really need to say, so it's time for Things I Ran Out Of Room For In My Journals!
1. You must all be eternally grateful that about 90% of my posts are posted from the DSi. There's a limit to how long a text it lets me enter, so I have to take out the random rambly pointless parts to make room for the important things.
2. Related to 1, you'll notice I have a couple 'typos' in some journals. This is the fault of the DSi length-limit. I must sometimes forego spaces, particularly after punctuation as that's when it's least noticeable and annoying, to me, anyway.
3. I have had my first real experience with the idiocy of some YouTube commenters. Clueless, Other and I watched the Firework music video yesterday, and none of us had seen it before…I was aware, though, that it had a kiss between two guys, and it was somewhat o a test of the C and O. Ha. They passed! Actually, they both made weird faces, and opened their mouths, then looked at me and closed them. Ha. Anyway, that is now my favorite music video, I find it very nice… and then I saw a bunch of the comments. I could not resist 'yelling' at the homophobes that 1. It's not 'messed up', 2. That kiss wasn't even the entire point of the video, it was just part and yes, it was necessary, and kudos to whoever wrote the video for not shying away from such a controversial topic, 3. You aren't gaining anything from posting this, 4. It's sad that the kissing guys are all anyone can talk about when there was an entire music video and the kiss lasted about 6 seconds.
I got several replies telling me to go hang myself.
I cry for humanity.
3. This is random:Is 'a few' gramatically correct? In Latin somebody asked if 'few' can be singular and…it can't. So how can we have a few?
4. I don't like the 'plurals of things that end in Y is end in -ies' rule. What's wrong with babys or partys? And while I'm at it, how is 'gays' correct?
The end, outta room!


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Oh man. How long does it

Oh man. How long does it take you to get a post out on the DSi? That sounds so frustrating; I'd probably get so angry and end up eating the damn thing.

Youtube... Youtube is so immensely frustrating. Take a look at this:

If the Internet were like a room with people yelling all sorts of things at each other, I'd be up in there kicking some serious ass. Alas, people are unreserved and ridiculous when they can hide behind their keyboards and screens.

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I forbid you from ever eating a dsi.

It used to take me a really, REALLY long time to write a journal, but thanks to practice I'm much faster now. That one probably took me like... a half hour? Not all that long.
HA! I love that Internet personified thingy! It's so right… particularly about YouTube XD

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few is describing something

few is describing something plural, but the word itself in not plural...i think...
and gays is correct because it's 'ay' baby is 'by' and party is 'ty'
i don't think this makes made sense in my head though :/

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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Lemme finish writing this

Lemme finish writing this comment later. I need to go mentally confuse those kids on YouTube that said that to you. Such meanies!

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- I really don't know about

- I really don't know about 'a few.' I'll have to give that some more thought.

- 'Gays' is correct because the changing-to-ies rule only applies when the letter before the y is a consonant.

- I'm sort of glad I don't have the power of comment on YouTube. It helps, not even being able to get into that sort of argument. Did they really tell you to go hang yourself? I thought 'hang' had passed out of all but anachronistic-nerd-speak...

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can someone tell me what

can someone tell me what video you all are talking about. it sounds familiar but I can't remember what its called.

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Yeah, few itself is actually

Yeah, few itself is actually singular.. it's like a group. There's a singular group, there's a singular 'few'. However, the meaning is plural, just like group, or staff, or band. Odd words, like that. xD

People who make comments like that are stupid. xP

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Okay, thank you, people…

I get the 'few' and 'gays' thing now…I thought there must be a reason! Yes!
And it was the Firework by Katy Perry: Official Music Video.
Yes, they did tell me to go hang myself... sheesh. The direct quote was, 'Oh, go hang yourself, you clueless ••••• •••••• •••••.'
Yeah, spam filter.

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THAT's SO MEAN OF THEM! grrrrrr.
what I don't get is a horse has one hoof but two hooves. So why does one house have a roof and two have roofs? (not rooves)?

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I've always wondered that!

And there's spoof and spoofs, poof and poofs (Though since that can be a verb, I'm not sure that's an exception...) goof and goofs (though, once more, the verb thing...) Hey, wait! 'Hoof' and 'hooves' can be verbs! Meaning 'walk' or 'trample'... so the verb thing doesn't change it... but verb-wise, is 'hooves' correct, or would the verb be 'hoofs'?
All I'm doing now is confusing myself… and remember, I've sworn not to use my ignorant dictionary.