So I sorta had a strange day

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Had therapy today which went well although this week I've been thinking myself to the point of a headache ...several times. I got into therapy early, went to the bathroom, then sat in the room and decided to eat and have some water in hopes of making my head feel better.

It felt better for a while.

And then I had to talk privately with the doc and I came out to her and I wasn't planned / didn't realize she'd talk to me today, so I was all super awkward and like *mrah, I *HAVE* too?* But I did anyway. And we had this good conversation about it, quick though.

Anyway, I went back to the room and walked with the doc back there. It was fine but I felt like I wasn't exisiting and then I suddenly came back. So that was weird.

Super headache now. That's stopping me from writing more.

To quote me from earlier: MRAH.

Will write more of my coming out stuff later.

Oh and I wore my binder...


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Didn't mean to send that

Didn't mean to send that yet, or "submit" it actually. Anyway:::: last week, I made it one day for three hours for my binder then it hurt. Yesterday I made it 4 hours. Today 7.5 hours ;).


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Woot Woot indeed, both on

Woot Woot indeed, both on the binding and the coming out!

Hey, I finally got the chance to watch one of your YouTube videos today. The words now have a face - the face of a handsome young man with unfortunately long hair.

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MacAvity---Thanks,thanks!! Aw


Awww...that is so amazingly nice. I appreciate it. <3 *rainbow hugs are being sent your way*

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Okay, I have no idea which one to comment on. !

Yeah, so I watched your youtube stuff, and now I get a much better sense of what you're going through.

(hat tip to MacAvity here) Also I like knowing how people look like, which is why I like collecting Oasis people on facebook or seeing a picture or video or emergency news broadcast or whatnot.

I've actually been sitting here for a few minutes. I wanted to comment but I wasn't sure what to say, so yeah. Everything above this block of text was my pathetic attempt.