so im out again...

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This time to a friend i never thought I would tell. he is gay as well, though he has a very loving BF who he's been in a relationship with for two years....

anyway, the events of the past month have been crazy. I had this friend in high school, and he added me on facebook just before i went on my trip.

he's gay. hes cute. he likes me. i like him. but the problem is, hes an addict. a felon. and a recovering drunk. I mean, I am a drunk too. but yeah.

he used everything. heroine, meth, e, coke, all of it. he's clean now, except for drinking, and this round of AA is the furthest he's made it...28 days.

I want to be w/ him, and he flirts w/ me every day- we went bowling together the other night.

but I just can't do the whole relationship thing right now. idk. I promised him I would stop drinking w/ him, and so far I have stuck to that, so that's good.

we'll see when i go to david's housewarming party on friday night though.

anyway, tonight, i wanted to talk to my friends im out to about it on facebook, but no one was online, except this one guy, mike.

mike is gay, has a bf, and is very liberal. sometimes we get along great, sometimes we clash.

i wanted to tell him i was gay over the holidays on my break, but didn't have the balls.

anyway, tongiht, I came out to him! we talked a little bit, he said message me tomorrwo adn we'll talk more, and it was all cool. but its been a crazy few weeks. and I'm now out to 15? people total, if you include friends, family and kids on here. saweet!


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Sounds promising!

You've found the right road. Just be sure to obey all the signs.

Then... you'll get there!

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Woohoo!!! to the coming out

Woohoo!!! to the coming out thing =3
and I'd say to maybe just hold it off with the guy you like. It sort of sounds like he has to sort out his own problems first.

~ It's a cosmic joke that I'm a lesbian, because I understand men so well but women are a complete mystery to me.

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Agreed on all the above

Agreed on all the above counts. I'm proud of you, Hell!

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Sorry I'm late... but yeah! Congratulations and good job!

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yaay thats really good, congratulations!