Sorry guys

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I guess I caused more harm than help.

I just wanted you guys to find a reason to be happy on here- But I see I've just made a mess of things.

If you like Oasis the way it is I guess I'll just get off here. I just make more people mad than I do help, and, if I don't like it, I don't have to be here.

I get email reminders for PM's so if anybody wants to contact me, I'll get on for that.

But I guess, at least for a while, this is goodbye. I don't belong in the new Oasis. Maybe I didn't even belong in the old.

Try to keep the forum going, at least, please. It's really fun.

It's been great, Oasis- Really great. But I guess I outlived myself here. I'm trying to hard, trying to much, to change a website that's not even mine to control. I love you guys, even the ones who never get on to see this. Oasis helped me through tough times and made me appreciate life- Made me see that there's always gonna be people like me to laugh with and talk to.

I was going to delete my last post but I don't think that's fair. At least the people who missed this all will know why I'm leaving if I leave it there.

and Chad if you blame yourself I'll bite you.


I won't be posting anything from now on. I'll get on to read things and that'll be it. But I won't open my mouth about anything anymore.

That way everyone's happy. Or at least, they're sad but comforted.

Bye guys <3


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Awww, I just met you Shelby

Awww, I just met you Shelby and now you're leaving? Well, if that's what's right for you then I suppose I'll just have to say goodbye for now. :( I hardly know you but I'll miss you.

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No! i wasn't saying that you

No! i wasn't saying that you didn't belong here. actually another point of view was refreshing. i wish you wouldnt leave but it is your decision, so if you must go, goodbye! or i should say until next time. i also wish that you will check back from time to time and tell us that your ok. and if you need us, know that we are here.
untill next time (whenever that may be :-/)

try not to regret anything...because at one point it was exactly what you wanted

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I'll kinda miss you too, even though I see you every day. But you don't have to do this, I know when I look on Oasis I just immediatley look if Super Duck or Shelby has posted recently.
But if you feel you have to, you have to.
I'm going to have a bit of a hard time not blaming myself though, this is too like Tophat.
I feel like a guy who forces other people off Oasis now :(

No one escapes from life alive

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Not really.

But it's completely not your fault, after all you agreed with me, you know? and I'll still see you in Orchestra and stuff. This isn't forever, probably, but I just... I guess I don't want to piss people off anymore. If you want, I can like, email Tophat and try and get him on here again. I dunno, the dude, wait he's a girl now, hates me. But. I could do that for you if you wanted.

Anyways, sorry, I broke my rules. I really did just want to indirectly help EVERYONE'S problem all in one big step, and leaving was supposed to help too but I have to make sure you know completely that it's NOT YO FAULT CHADDY.

anyways, if you miss me or something, just PM me. Cause I just don't want to post ON Oasis anymore. Anybody who wants to hear what I have to say will have to come to me instead of me coming to them.

anyways, again, guys, I'm really sorry.
You are beautiful, in every single way <3

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ok look I'm not going to try

ok look I'm not going to try and stop you. you must do what you feel is right. and if that means leaving then so be it. even though I don't know you ill miss you.

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Aw hey. :[ I don't want you

Aw hey. :[ I don't want you to leave, I mean, it's up to you, but I'd like it if you stayed.

I'm sorry if it's something I said. I know I was kind of upset earlier.

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I don't want you to leave...

Bahhh... Now I blame myself. It is my fault, isn't it. ← See, not even a question.
I think that last post was probably both a good and bad thing- good in that it REVIVED THE FORUM, bad in that I'll now feel guilty for being negative...
:( I can't change it.
Sorry, Shelby.

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yes, changing oasis wont work my dear, but you dont have to cchange yourself. the point of oasis is just to get your feelings out, happy sad, homocidal or guilt, love or hatred. it may seem like everyone is upset, but of course, its just a random patern of how the journals unfolded. people are having a bad time, but we live in a society that forces us to alot of the time. we are differnt, and thats hard for people, more so teens. we will all get nagsty at times,but i think its just a random variation so many people seem upset right now. also its winter. people will cheer in the spring. leaving wont help, itll just make a sadness hole in mah tummy D:

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I see no reason for you to

I see no reason for you to leave. I know you will be missed, by me and by everyone else. I would have been one of those 'NO YOU MUST STAY' sayers, but I think Kamkam is right - it's up to you. Just know that we don't want you gone.

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WTF NO stay "pleasure is


"pleasure is absolute, pain is relative."

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And this screwed up subject... what happens when you fail to provide one! :(

No one wants to see either dracofangxxx or swimmerguy just fade away... and don't you even dare think of adding your name to the list of threatened defections!

That would be as unthinkable as seeing ferrets add his name!!!

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You didn't piss anyone off.

You didn't piss anyone off. People are allowed to disagree without malice or anger. Dialogue is simply a healthy exchange of ideas. Otherwise people have to tread on eggshells and everything becomes a facade.

Your other entry was merely a discussion. You made a proposal and people reasoned their views.There is no reason for you to take it so personally.

If you feel so strongly the need to leave, no one can stop you. But I will have to say it is slightly misplaced.

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I'll still be able talk to you every day on Gmail anyway, but I'm sad you're leaving!

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Well i slightly felt guilty about your last post as looking back i normally have negative things on mind in my journals. But Im glad you did it as it was like a breath of fresh air really that somebody said something about. In no reason should you go at all as in my case there wasn't any harm. But if you feel you have then it is your choice but just remember that you will be missed.