The Gender of Attraction

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So lately I've noticed that rather than be sexually attracted to a certain sex, since I do not believe I should date anyone until I become more comfortable with myself, I have been attracted to the people I see who seem to be genderfucked.


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Dude, this is pretty much

Dude, this is pretty much exactly how I feel.

Although recently I've been taking into account that it might not be sexual attraction at all, but jealousy/wanting to be like them. This mostly happens with cis-men but when I see a really attractive 'butch' woman I get all hot'n'bothered/sexually attracted/envious as well. (I'm not sexually attracted to men, I'm just jealous. XD)

Something about people on the brink of being male or female really attracts me. It doesn't matter if they're trans or not, man or woman, as long as they look a little bit like the opposite sex *bang* and I'm attracted to them. XD

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i was talking to my

i was talking to my girlfriend about this- we definte our sexuality by who we like, not who we ARE, and that's silly. Mid-conversation, I go, "y'know how you're a lesbian?" and she said, "yeah?" and I said, "but i'm not a girl."
her response was "hrm. whatever. still love you."

yey whateversexuality, i guess. xD I have to admit, the fact that i can talk to her about my gender is OFFICIALLY the sexiest thing ever.