These 2 world have just collided

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I feel like I live in different worlds with different lives and that they're about to collide.

Tomorrow I go back to therapy...first time in almost 2 weeks. I have to report to them everything about my dad, my mood, my weight, my binding. I am really not looking forward to confessing all of this. I'm excited, though, for tomorrow as well.

I'm going to be seeing this kid that is really cool. We talk sports together and he treats me like a dude, which I love. Haven't come out to him as trans yet. But the first day I met him, I was so close to coming out immediately because his name is a name common for female-to-male trans people. But then I don't think he is one anymore.

I just found out, for the first time, today, that someone on here knows me in one of these other "worlds" I speak of. Shall I come out to that person and just bring it to the forefront of things? Oh goodness...this'll be odd.


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You mean someone here knows

You mean someone here knows you offline? Or on a different site?

Good luck with the therapy stuff. Sounds tough, but I'm sure you'll be fine.

And it's good you have a friend like that, who treats you the way you want to be treated. And you always have us. I know we're online and it only helps so much but we're here for you. :]

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He knows me from a different

He knows me from a different site. Granted, I don't have the same username on both sites.

Thanks, I appreciate it.

:D Thanks, Riku. I appreciate it quite a bit, actually.
I've missed you.

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Odd yet Amazing

ok, I think my mom doesn't like how long I've been on the labtop so I'll try to make this short. sorry.
The therapy (ominous background music), I kind of want to try it out, Not because I think I'll like it but because I just don't know what it's like.
Next up, the guy sounds nice, like a good friend.
And last but not least WORLDS COLLIDING good? bad? I don't know and garente that you'll never know unless you brave the unknown.
sorry for being short, gotta go, bye.(^_^)

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Its alright, my parents say

Its alright, my parents say the same thing..."(GIRL name), why are you on the computer so much?!"

Therapy is worth trying out. I find it helpful. Then again, I sort of have to have it, but that's another story. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. The one thing I'd recommend is to try and find a place that accepts your type of health insurance if you have any. The first therapist I had didn't take our insurance and made for quite an expensive bill.

:) Yeah, the guy is really great. He and I have been texting a lot. I feel like I don't know him yet, but even still, he's really awesome.

Worlds colliding...I guess that's a mix of good and bad. More strange/odd than anything else, however.

:) Yep.

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Geez, I remember before I

Geez, I remember before I came out, I had one particular friend that just seemed to know anyway. Granted, he had known me since first grade, between which and fifth grade I tackled anybody who tried to deny that I was a guy, but still, it was great. :D

And now he treats me more like a guy than anybody else who knew me before, methinkss.

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:D That's awesome. (By the

:D That's awesome.

(By the way, is you...that knows me from another site.) Sorry if that sounds utterly creepy. :x

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For a second I thought you meant Splash on queerattitude... That's the only one I know.
I was on queerattitude for about all of 2 seconds before I decided it wasn't for me. This place is a lot more laid back.
Smaller, too, which makes for better knowing people.

Well, crap. That was all I had to say, and I don't have any identifying remarks to blather about...
Okay, I'll say good luck with the therapy and that one guy!

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