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Yah, can't think of a good one :)
Sososo... I went back to School today! 'Aaah', you scream in suspense (not)!
It was absoutely wonderful to see Bday again!
Bday wore a PANDA HAT!!! It was AWESOME!!!
Yes, I'm pathetic! But... you don't want to hear about the Many Awesomenesses Of Bday... let's fast-forward to after school!
Clueless, Other and another girl who's named Olivia, went to Other's house afterschool.(Olivia doesn't need a codename because that's the most common girls'name in my school. There are 6 other Olivias in my grade alone.)Anyway, Olivia apparently broke up with someoneorother today, and thinks this guy likes Other, blahblah gossip I don't care about.
Anyway, my opinion of Olivia wasn't so great until the Redemption! Haha!
Clueless showed us a strange music video, for a song called Put your Drink Up or something like that.(I know that's not right.)The video was just a bunch of people basically deviating from the norm.There was one part with a quick shot of 2 men kissing. So of course Other and Clueless immediately squeal in disgust.'AAH! Gross! Sorry, people, I didn't realize THAT was in this video!' Clueless. Then Oivia stepped in. 'HOW is it gross?'
Clueless: 'Um, they're the same GENDER!Creepy!'
Olivia:'How's it gross? Creepy?It's just lips! Those aren't even affected by gender!'
Me:'I agree! Thanks, Olivia! How is it creepy?'
Clueless:'Imagine if it was two GIRLS kissing.Wouldn't that creep you out?'
Me: 'Clueless,you should really remember and know bett-'
Clueless: 'Oh, sorry. Yeah, I remember now.Panda hats.'
Olivia: 'Can we play the rest of the video now?'
YES! Olivia earns a shard of respect!
Ignorant Comment Of the Day:
'They didn't HAVE gay people back then!'
Meaning 1967!
I was quick to correct! Even Other admitted how stupid that was.
Other seems to be un-denial now, talking about getting me Bday for my birthday.I'm guessing that over holiday the homophobia ran its course and Other figured it out. :)


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We don't want to hear about the Many Awesomenesses of Bday?

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You most certainly don't.

It's shocking how much stalker-data I've collected...
The Many Awesomenesses are for me to journal only mentally! Oasis doesn't need my obsessive thoughts about this person.

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I've never minded obsessive

I've never minded obsessive thoughts....:p. I'm one of the many masters of obsessive thoughts. hence, I will be in the extreme ocd program soon. eep for excitedness? can i say that?

ANYWAY, Olivia is quite the Redemption-er? Redemptor? Why am I not speaking English like?

did clueless actually say Panda hats? or is that a code?

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Clueless did say panda hats!

I think Panda Hat is now the codename Other and Clueless use for Bday... I guess Clueless didn't want to be too giveaway-ish when saying that. Olivia missed the panda hat.
So many codenames! Maybe I should change Bday's nickname here to Panda Hat... it certainly fits better, as Bday's actual B-day was 10 December.
Panda Hat...

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Huh. Wonder what I would

Huh. Wonder what I would have done if I had known Oasis back when I was still collecting stalkerish data of Many Awesomenesses of certain people... Well, okay, Many Awesomenesses of one person and Many Irritating Qualities of another, both sets of data equally stalkerish.

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I wonder, too... hehe.


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that is pretty awesome! just sayin'....lets see if this post also triggres the spam filter..

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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haha..."ewww..." that was so

haha..."ewww..." that was so funny...and when do they think people "started" to be gay? Gee, what a fun new idea!!!! Pretty sure there were plenty of gay people back in Roman days

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