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Okay so I'm new to this whole website but I wanted to know if anyone here is trigender (other than me) which means that they switch between feminine, masculine and androgynous natures depending on the situation. Even anyone bigender, agender, androgynous, transexual/transgender or basically anyone who has any ideas for me. It's really hard being trigender, especially because I'm also bisexual, which is pretty unheard of. I've only told my best friend (he's gay I knew he'd understand), but I can't stand this closet anymore, its making me claustrophobic.

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i'm not trigender but i am

i'm not trigender but i am bisexual (i think..kinda re-asking myself that question) so if you need someone to talk to ill listen. you can private message me if you need/want to. and welcome by the way! *throws rainbow confetti*

try not to regret anything...because at one point it was exactly what you wanted

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I identify as Trans* though

I identify as Trans* though I'm not nearly out anywhere but here and on my Youtube account.
I'm out as a lesbian.

However, thinking about gender just completely confuses me because I don't really know what I am. I'm biologically female but I don't like that about myself.

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I'm on the genderless side

I'm on the genderless side of gender-whatever. Like, on a circle with Male on the left and Female on the right, with the top being both and the bottom being neither, I would be bouncing around near the bottom like a Mexican jumping bean held down by gravity. It sounds like you'd be more like bouncing around the entire circle, no? That's tough...

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Hey there!

I'm Trigender and pansexual. I'd love to talk with you sometime! It would be great to get to know someone who has a similar identity.

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You'd be better off posting a journal, or reading recent journals, as these are all 2+ years old, so it is unlikely most of these people will see this, and a handful are no longer even on the site anymore...

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