Well, I just had a lengthy conversation with my mother...

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It was about gayness and I managed to not say anything stupid or awkward the entire time! WHOO-HOO!
And who do I have to thank for this incredible discomfort? Kurt, of course. All this Glee… Agh. Basically I was complaining about how stereotypical all the characters are, and…
Mom: I know this guy, ____, who's gay and is just like Kurt stereotype-wise- well, almost as bad. His partner fits no stereotypes at all though. You'd never guess-
Me: Wait, I've heard the name ___ before. Have you talked about-
Mom: He's the one that named you. I was asking for good names at work and he suggested yours.

My life is irreversibly queer. I have a gay guy to thank for my gender-neutral name. Awesomeness.
So my mother keeeeps talking, and somehow this conversation covers rainbows, gaydar, where the word 'closet' came from, the fact that my mother is completely convinced my chorus teacher is gay, etc.
My mother is a sign language interpreter, and apparently there's a much higher percentage of gays with that job. Like 50% for women and 90% for men. Apparently my mother has seen guys have to come out as straight.
So if you guys are stuck on career choices, sign language is the way to go! Mwaha.
Anyway, I am exceedingly proud of myself for not blurting out anything stupid. At least I hope I didn't…

Yesterday Other started yelling at Clueless and I for having such weak forces of attraction. Or, to directly quote: 'WHY do I get stuck with the only two friends in the world who have almost no hormones !'
I'm sorry, Other, but not all of us start gushing and stalking a different boy every month. Clueless has had two crushes ever: Jack Sparrow and Fang from Maximum Ride. Wow, I'm not the only one with a doomed love life!
Super Duck… My freakazoid has arrived. I'll say no more on that until I can give you details.
I'm really annoyedbecause despite a promise, Jayjay is still referring to me as 'she'. :(
There was something important I intended to say but I completely forget it…


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A freakazoid, you say?

I wanna knowwww!

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Let's just say I have a history project and I've been partnered with a blond girl who pets my hair constantly trying to get me to hair-pet back, skipped down the hallway holding my hand, and makes kind of a lot of physical contact with me. Who apparently chased several girls into corners at a dance I didn't attend.
And told me... several other things.
I think this qualifies. *shivers* It's all because of your order form... What shall I do?

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Well, youuuu ordered one, and now you have your very own freakazoid! Hehehe! Yours must have extra hair fetish! As for what you should do, I don't know. Do you like the freakazoid at all, or are you creeped out?

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I'll admit I'm totally

I'll admit I'm totally jealous of you kids.

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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that's awesome about your

that's awesome about your mom. ^^ those conversations are the best.

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Yeah, the conversation was kind of awesome yet awkward... and I like the freakazoid and am creeped out simultaneously. Oooh... well, it's about time one arrived. It was supposed to be within two weeks and it's about a month late! Tsk, tsk.
Lamb_da, you should be jealous! Mwaha!

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Maybe I should order one

Maybe I should order one too...>.>

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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Where can i get an order

Where can i get an order form?! I am strangly jealous :0