Who you are

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So... your therapist asks you who you are. What will you say? What will you think? Do you know? I realized that I didn't have a clue. I just sat there and racked my brain. I couldn't come up with an answer. I was searching for something, anything, but there was nothing. I would assume that most people that read this have an answer, but did you always? When did you find your answer?

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Not so much with the therapist, but if a stranger were to ask me who I am, I would just mindblank. Probably wait for someone else to offer up my birth name. Because, well, I wouldn't expect anyone to really know himself through and through, much less be able to sum up that self in a few words, but I don't even know what name I want to have. Sure, I know a few facts about myself, a few ideas, even a few questions, and maybe those all add up to more-or-less me, but who I am? I have no answer. No answer at all.

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I'm Hilde Rose Alexander.

I'm Hilde Rose Alexander. I'm going to NYU to study International Relations next year. I'm the co-founder of the Dela-where? Youth Poetry Slam and Open Mic and I'm producing and co-directing a play called "Dog Sees God" to raise money and awareness for the Trevor Project... or at least we'll be raising money for them if they EVER write back to me. I'm currently employed at Dogtopia, a daycare for dogs.

Okay, yeah, that was just me reciting my short interview resume blurb. xD
If who I am isn't the same as what I do...
well, I'm a poet and an almost-activist, a genderqueer individual. I fall in love with everybody I meet. I smoke cigarettes and love rooftops. My walls are covered in newspaper, musicals, poems, pictures of friends, maps and propaganda posters. I want to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and get a dog someday. I have a lot of ideas and people tend to get excited about the things I talk about. I don't believe in correct answers or truth. That's me, in a nuthshell.

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Now if I were to be asked this just out of the blue then yes my mind would probably go blank but since I have time to think about it here's my answer.

Who am I?
A simple question deserves a simple answer that nontheless when looked at closely is never quite as simple as it seems.
My answer being so complex yet so simple is something that bogles the mind.
Who am I?
I am who I will always be.
I am what was at the begining and what will be at the end.
I am me.

How's that for an answer?

Hopelessly optimistic, yes, that just might be me

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>:( Ditto MacAvity. Again.
Why must you always beat me to it?
Okay then, I'm Unoriginal Flyby, who says exactly what MacAvity does repeatedly. >:(

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Sometimes you beat me to it,

Sometimes you beat me to it, you know. Often the roles are reversed and I'm Unoriginal MacAvity.

Something else I've been thinking for a while: If thirteen-year-old you is so very much like seventeen-year-old me, you'll probably rule the world or something when you're seventeen. I mean, I thought I was reasonably precocious, but I'm positively retarded (and I mean that merely in the sense of 'delayed') compared with you. (And if you do end up ruling the world or somesuch, can I be your henchman?)

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If I do, you are free to be my henchman.

I don't really want to rule the world... I'm sure you'd make a great henchman, though. I'll make a note of that!
I'm sure you'd be very disappointed if you met me in person, though. I'm much more impressive online XD and that's not very impressive at all.
When I'm seventeen I'll probably just be continuing to Learn Pointless Information that's not helpful to anyone, unintentionally annoy people, and spend the wee hours of the morning on Oasis.
Don't Feel Delayed Compared to the Flyby! I'm just weird.

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just a blank would hit me, just as it would for alot of people.

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No one can sum up who they

No one can sum up who they themselves are. That's for everyone else to figure out and you to blantantly ignore without even realizing it.

~ It's a cosmic joke that I'm a lesbian, because I understand men so well but women are a complete mystery to me.

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Who am I, you may ask? I am

Who am I, you may ask?
I am Eli, I am psychologically male, but in order to preserve my safety, the roof over my head, my health insurance, food/water, clothes, I present as the female-born being that I was assigned when I squiggled out of a person just about two decades ago.
I do not believe in the gender binary.
I do not believe in binaries, period.
I am a brother, nephew, son, being called a sister, niece, and daughter.
I am unlike anyone you have ever met.
I find myself pondering philosophical questions in my head, such as, if everyone is male, then no one is male, no?
I am your definition of anxiety. I have been diagnosed with psychiatric disorders.
I like to pay attention to small detail.
I thrive on making others laugh and smile.
I believe in peace, love, kindness.
I do believe there are 100% males and 100% females, though I'm not one of them. I identify as trans or trans*.
I believe that just because a person is born female, he can still be the most male guy you'd ever meet.
Above all, I'm unexpected. Sure, I may do routine things, but sometimes I take them in strange directions.
I enjoy desserts.
And doing body contortions
and sports.
That's me, now, who are you?

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i am a boy made of blood and

i am a boy made of blood and milk
my favorite color is white
i like empty spaces and feeling numb

"pleasure is absolute, pain is relative."

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Who am I? I'm a bastard born

Who am I?

I'm a bastard born because of sin.
I was never ment to be born...so why am I here?
I'm someones friend and I'm someones enemy.
I wonder whats wrong with me?
I dance and sing when no ones watching.
I scream out loud where no one can hear.
I cry and bleed when everyones sleeping.
I feel empty inside, but I don't show it.
I'm your average teenage girl with hopes and dreams who's sick of waiting for prince charming.
I have my moments.
I dream of flying.
I don't want to get old.
I'm confused about my sexuality.
I don't think I'll ever come out because of society.
I'm human.

* Life spelled backwards is evil...now it all makes sense*

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Blank Out

I would go blank. Totally blank. When you're in high school, you're confused about your sexuality, you're lost, lonely and about to go crazy, until you find someone who knows where you're coming from. Thats probably what I would tell them. I would say I'm a libra, whose always been the good girl and who is now crazed because of her sexual feelings that arn't neccesarily "good" for some people. I have to learn you can't please everyone.....fast.