your actions tear and rip my heart to shreds.

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your actions tear and rip my heart to shreds. she's your f'ing CHILD dont you understand what the hell youre doing?

im so glad that im female (hell nah) and that this is happening during THIS time of the month. i've already teared up over it. nothing like this to make a dude uncomfortable.
i know, this isnt about me. so i'll just spit it right out because its not something i should be so goshdarn selfwish with.

that friend i mentioned? yeah. he was kicked out of his house. f'ing family.
F F F F F.
that line , above this one, was my creativity getting around spam filter.


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D: I'm really sorry to hear


I'm really sorry to hear that. That sucks so much. I hope things work out alright.

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Ooh... that's awful.

Riku pretty much summed it up... hopeful thoughts, hopeful thoughts in your friend's general direction.

Oh, and I said I'd remind you: respond to my pm. I feel awkward saying that now...

But yeah.

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You actually remind me a lot

You actually remind me a lot of me. I see a lot of myself in your words.

As I have not met you in person, I can't really form too much of a heuristic, but yeah. We might not be going through the same sh*t, but when you say something, I can relate that to my own struggles.

Peace, man.

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I think, if you have children, you've brought someone in the world, and if you're not willing to take care of them or love them, that is like the thing that makes me more furious than anything else.

No one escapes from life alive

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Loreonpravus--That's so nice

Loreonpravus--That's so nice of you, thank you. When someone says/types something like that to me, its like I feel hopeful about stuff again. <3
Sounds awkward, but if you want, I have a Youtube account (I talk /ramble about gender-y stuff related to me) that I could send you the link, if you'd like.

Funnyflyby has actually checked out the channel , so if you'd like to ask gaj about it, I'm sure gaj wouldn't mind.

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Gaj wouldn't mind!


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sure! Does one of you wanna

sure! Does one of you wanna shoot me a link?