A Number of Things!

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So much to say, so little journal space… I'll stick to the important things.
1. I came out to Shneer as gay. This is not a big deal in itself, as I've been not-very-subtly hinting for a while. Clueless, Other, Shneer, and I were walking through town Friday and the whole gay-President thing came up again. So then…
C: Hey, Flyby should run for Prez someday!
S: Wait, Flyby's gay?
Me: Um, yeah… I thought that was kind of obvious after all this time…
S: Well it wasn't obvious! You should wear a sign!
Me: Uhh…

And then the topic changed and it hasn't been discussed since. Probably the single easiest coming-out I'll have in my life.
2. As may be obvious from above, for the sake of simplicity I'll just call myself gay from now on. Sotherewego.
3. My mother apparently doesn't believe in bisexuality. Direct quote: 'I mean, the gay thing I get… but bi? They're just people who are a bit confused and looking for sex with anybody they can find.'
I went GRR and attempted to argue against this as much as I could without showing the unusual amount I know about sexuality. I failed :( It's hard to argue when so many pieces of my argument are off-limits.
4. In New York, we went to visit my cousins of AWESOMENESS (aside from their mild affliction of homophobia). I did not say anything 'gaj'wise around that household because of the conversation that started when the 11yearoldgirl sang, 'I kissed a girl and- NO! I DIDN'T LIKE IT! THAT'S DISGUSTING!'
5. I got my hair cut again, even shorter but not short enough, YAH! I have bangs now.
6. Mindflex: A headset that can tell how strong your brain waves are. There are 5 lights, the more lit the better/faster you're thinking. Average for the others was about 2 if concentrating. I put it on my head and all 5 immediately lit. I managed to keep it at 4. What was fascinating was thinking of different things and seeing what it responds to. The 2 things that kept it high were mental math and Bday.
8. I feel awful.


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congrats on the coming

congrats on the coming out!
ugh...arguments with off-limit terretories are frustrating!'
Mindflex sounds awesome :).

You okay?
happy you're backkkkkkkkk :)

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Mother/mom = gender-specific proper nouns

Do those count as being discarded as well?

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Why do you feel awful? Most of the things on this list seem like they would contribute to feeling pretty good!

Mindflex sounds amazing, though a little scary... Haircut is good, unless bangs make it look too girly.... It's good that your cousins are awesome, even if they're a mite homophobic...

There are a lot of misconceptions about bisexuality, and that's highly lamentable, and it sucks that you couldn't use your full arsenal of knowledge, so, this part not so good....

Calling oneself 'gay' is definitely easier, even if incorrect, and a very good way to avoid awkward conversations about definitions and labels with the ignorant (which almost everybody is) of such matters. I do it, too, for those very reasons....

Congratulations on coming out to Shneer! You shouldn't wear a sign, though.

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Wow that's great...wish all

Wow that's great...wish all coming outs were like that.

* Life spelled backwards is evil...now it all makes sense*