A simple question...

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How many of you are comfortable with your bodies?

(And I don't mean as in, like, do you feel you're in the right body. I'm not talking about gender. If you really want to answer that, keep it seperate from the real topic)

Alot of the girls I know are really self-conscious and I just don't get it. They're all beautiful. I don't see people and go "Oh god what an ugly, fat, piece of nasty" when I see them (I don't think that about anybody, FYI) and I feel really upset when they think they're ugly, or fat.

Do you feel like that?

Personally, I'm very comfortable in my body. Like, everyone wants something to improve (I want bigger boobs and a different chin) but I don't HATE it, and given the opportunity to get surgery to fix it, I don't think I'd change it. I'm average size and I'm not ugly. I'm not really pretty either. But that's okay with me. I feel like being overly gorgeous would get really tiring because people would be all over me just for how I look and not even care about my personality.

I don't know how guys feel about this. I always assumed guys didn't really care how they looked.

How do you feel?


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Sometimes I'm very

Sometimes I'm very comfortable with my body and sometimes I feel I wouldn't be comfortable in any body. this actually has a lot to do with clothing. When I was in Midsummer Night's Dream and wearing a short, form-fitting, sparkly dress and a strapless corset, I was really uncomfortable with my body. When I'm wearing cargo pants or jeans and a long, sort-of form fitting shirt or a loose shirt, I'm perfectly comfortable with my body. I don't really know why this is.

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Nothing wrong with my body

Because I swim a lot, and especially backstroke a lot, my muscles are a little lopsided where my abs and pecs are okay strength, maybe average or above, but all the backstroke I do makes my shoulders unbelievably strong, like so muscular it's weird.
And then that makes my torso look wider than it should for my height, in my opinion.
But I kinda like it. It shows swimmer pride.

So really there isn't a whole lot I'd change. I'm not short, I would always be happy to be taller, larger, stronger, so I could swim faster, but I'm average size and really can't complain.
As for how I look, I think I look fine, not fat at all, and my face isn't exactly a great beauty but I think if I was someone else passing me in the hallway, I might take a second look, which I do for quite a few, but not for everyone.
My body type look is just fine.

So, in other words, in every circumstance I am totally comfortable with my body, except, I don't really like how white and gross my thighs are, so when swimming I don't like wearing a speedo, and try to keep my thighs under wraps.

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This is a great question.

This is a great question.

Okay, me... I'm extremely comfortable in my body. I'm not always comfortable displaying it, though I think I'm getting better at that, too, but I don't think I'd want to permanently change anything about it. Sometimes I fantasise a little about looking different, sometimes I think I'd like to be taller or have bigger feet or manlier hands, or that I'd like to have freckles or darker hair, but these are all passing fancies. I'd love to be something like a Metamorphmagus, but really, I like the body I have. I like my tiny breasts and I like my hands and I like my face and I just like my body in general.

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i love my body. everything

i love my body. everything aboutit and everything i can do with it.

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i go in and out. id say i like it 75% of the time i like it.

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You don't like it 100% of the time that you like it?

I'd say this tears a hole in the space-time continuum for sure, or is at least a huge paradox.

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shuddup, smarty pants haha

"A loving man and woman in a committed relationship can marry. Dogs, no matter what their relationship, are not allowed to marry. How should society treat gays and lesbians in committed relationships? As dogs or as humans?"

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I don't really think about my body a ton, much of the time. But there are things. I had very bad acne for several years; it's less now, but I still get self-conscious about the scars, and any new zits that pop up.

I am EXTREMELY uncomfortable in very revealing or form-fitting clothes, as well as anything that highlights the length of my legs (very short skirts/shorts, swimsuits when I'm not in the water).

And I don't really look in the mirror much...

I guess I'm not exactly comfortable, but I don't let myself think about it much.

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Gender aside, I hate my

Gender aside, I hate my body and find that I always focus on my flaws and can barely find any good things that I like about it much.

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i hate my body i just want

i hate my body
i just want to be a cat :-(

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