A Week Away

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Helllo every body!!!!! (*^_^*)

So I haven't been on In a loonnngggg while so here's an update ok? ok.

Well lets see, I talked to the school counselor about my gender dysphobia, oh WOW was I nervous ^_^, I think the best way to describe it would be to say I was rabbity not foaming at the mouth you know rabbity as in bunnies any way it felt like at a moments notice I would bolt out the door.
Well I have to say that I didn't do too well when I went in there, combine a natural shyness with me nervous, not really prepared, and I came off sounding unsure of myself in every respect. The visit wasn't a total disaster though since she did point me toward PFLAG, it's supposed to be this group for the LGBTQ community and their friends and family and I think I'll attend one of their meetings.

Lets see what else have I not told you... um how about my journal.
Ok so it started out as a way to keep track of and improve on how well I socialize with other people since I'm so shy but then I had an idea since I couldn't think of much to tell the school counselor about why I feel the way I do, what if I wrought down a question each week and then all of that week I would take time to wright down every thing I can in the most detail to answer that question.

Well thats all I got to say so.


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PFLAG is good, they are Parent and Family of Lesbians and Gays, although their mission does include bi, trans, etc., etc. but they started back in the day when G and L was all you needed to cover, heh.

Their meetings are different dependent on where you live. Some have youth showing up, but some are just parents of LGBT people talking, so depends what vibe you're looking for. You can find your local group on their website, I'm sure.

Can also Google around for other youth groups near you.

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