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Okay, so in Science today Shneer, Clueless and I started debating whether it would be a good thing to have a black atheist lesbian as president.
Shneer: Well, I doubt there will ever be a homosexual as president. So many people wouldn't vote for them. Anyway, they'd be too biased about gay rights.
Me: Well, you could say that about pretty much everyone. Nobody complains about Obama being too biased about racial minority rights. A woman would be too biased about sex equality. There we go. It would be impossible to have anyone be 100% unbiased there.
Clueless: Still, they wouldn't get many votes…
Me: Haha, they should come out right after being sworn in.
Me: Anyway, whoever would probably get some votes for being a political minority, like Obama and Hilary Clinton did. Not enough, perhaps, but some. Well, I think it still depends on the actual person more than the miniority-ness, but the idea would be good.


Today nothing really important happened at all... I just feel I need to journal because I haven't in a while, and I'm usually pretty regular. I was thinking some deep thoughts today… but I don't feel like typing any of it.
The end.
(I'm actually on the phone with Jayjay, so-Sorry for being distracted.)


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No past president was gay?

I'm confident that you'd find this a quite interesting research project... :)

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What about only bachelor president, Buchanan? He was called "Betsey" Buchanan by the press corps at the time.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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That's one...


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Lincoln and Joshua Speed were rumored to be gay.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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Now... about possible candidates from amongst the wives of presidents?

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President Buchanan lived

President Buchanan lived with a man, Vice President King (I don't remember his first name, but I know that he was not Buchanan's vice president, but somebody's before him), for sixteen years. So, yeah, I'd say he was probably gay. But, he can't count because he wasn't elected by people who knew he was gay...