And! Before I talk myself out of journaling!

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I keep convincing myself that whatever I was about to post isn't worth it, and then later I think, 'Aww! I really should've journaled!' So here goes.
I have been trying to figure out if Shneer is homophobic for a while. It's actually really hard to tell. I mean, Shneer does get really upset when people ask 'are you gay?', and says somewhat stereotype-enforcing things, but none are really negative. Also, Shneer doesn't seem like the kind of person to be bigoted in any way. I decided it was time to test my friends for homophobia.
Without making them too suspicious.
*epic music* I just feel dramatic currently. Pay no attention.
So! I emailed them all the Glee 'Baby It's Cold Outside'. It is an odd choice. But Shneer really likes that song anyway, and it isn't too suspicious that I randomly found it.


Shneer: Okay. I mean, I was surprised when I saw two guys singing but I love that song and they do sound really good.
(thumbs up from Flyby)

Clueless: Uhhh… okay… weird… are they really gay?
I mean, the actors?
(I say one of them is)
Which one?
(I say Chris Colfer)
Thought so. DAMMIT!

Other Friend: Erk, that's weird. Meeeeh… I'm creeped out.
(I play it again)
(thumbs down and some scolding from Flyby)

Jayjay: Hey, they sound really awesome!
(thumbs up for not even commenting on apparent gayness!)

So that's a fairly okay reaction. Other is disappointing… but Shneer was fine. Jayjay was best. *thumbs up*

Though I now have that song really stuck in my head.

Okay, there is a limit on how much the DSi can post but I really do want to say something else... It is seperate, though. Forgive me for posting it seperately?