Another Asexual...if you're keeping a tally, add me.

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So I think I may be asexual.


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You know what?

Sometimes I wonder that too, about myself. I am still attracted to people, but actually dating or being in a relationship with them? Hard to tell...
But I don't worry about whether or not I am. If there's an open option I want to date, I will. Any terms I pick now would just limit me in the future.

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That's fine... for now

But, for one who is so driven to find explanations (btw, this is a compliment), you surely have thoughts on the basis for this ambivalence...

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Makes sense, swimmerguy. I

Makes sense, swimmerguy.

I still have turn-ons/people I'm attracted to (-er, robots, rather :P)...but I don't think I'm interested in the whole sex thing. It seems rather laborious and unenjoyable.

Maybe its the dysphoria or me not liking my body but it seems rather...traumatic?

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Robots? Well, a warm welcome


Well, a warm welcome to the tally, in any case.

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just remember that not

just remember that not wanting sex now or all the time or ever in the next year or two or five doesn't mean that sex won't eventually be powerful or awesome. I know asexuality is real and it very well may be you. Butalsoand, sex is an incredibly vulnerable experience- gender/body dysphoria/discomfort makes it a kind of sucky one- and it takes a lot of trust on both sides for it to be good. but when there is that trust and that relationship... well, I'm just saying don't rule anything out?

((i acknowledge that that might've been a kind of assholeish and/or bigoted thing to say and would like everyone and anyone to tell me that i'm an idiot and why.))

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I'm personally starting to

I'm personally starting to come to terms with the thought that maybe I'm not asexual, that I was using that as an excuse because sex made me vulnerable to people, because I hate my body, ect.

But I still don't see sex as a physical thing, it's an emotional thing for me. So maybe I could be labelled as demisexual or otherwise.

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I think Ashton Kutcher would have a problem with that...

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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What power does Hell have over its minions if they cannot dream of Heaven?