Anyone know of a youth questioning girl book

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I was just wondering if there's a youth/teen book about a girl who's questioning out there. If not, then one about a guy who's questioning?

I am not sure about myself, and I want to read something that might help. Also send me a message I wouldnt mind chatting.

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- Annie on my Mind? Getting

- Annie on my Mind? Getting old, but I think still popular
- Keeping You A Secret and almost everything by Julie Ann Peters:

I'm sure more people will have suggestions for you here...

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I read grl2grl but it was too many little story starts, no endings.

I can't find Annie on my mind.

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Empress of the World! Gravel

Empress of the World!
Gravel Queen!
There's a ton out there, search with keywords. Enjoy!

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I second empress of the

I second empress of the world.
Truth, Dare, or Promise
The Bermudez Triangle
The Girl From Mars
Orphea Proud (not great writing, but in an interesting format)

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Maybe try "The Year They Burned the Books." Nancy Garden. The main character ends up coming out as lesbian, but it's not a love story, which is nice sometimes.

As far as romance, yes, Annie On My Mind. I'd recommend Good Moon Rising too, but I think it's mostly out of print. Annie should be easier to find — I got my copy at Barnes & Noble a couple of years ago.

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