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I might catch a glimpse of Grey tonight. I hope I don't. And I really hope she doesn't see me, which is why I'll be in disguise. More information later, unless something shatteringly dramatic happens...


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ohmygod people on oasis and

ohmygod people on oasis and suspense. jeez
good luck withe everything.
let us know howi t goes.

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If something very dramatic happens, we *don't* get more info?!

That doesn't seem fair!
But- UNH. Uh-oh. Goodluckindeed!

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Well, nothing happened. Nothing at all. I didn't see Grey (phew!); I don't even know whether she was there: because her sister and several friends were performing, I'd have expected her to be there, but I also saw several of her friends chumming around without her offstage, so I'd have expected her to be with them if she'd been there. Anyway, I didn't see her, and I can safely assume that she didn't see me.

Leigh was there, though. He didn't notice me, I don't think - although he might have just been ignoring me as we've been ignoring each other for two months. He was a key part of the show that was put on this evening, and seeing him in it forced me to examine how exactly I feel about him just now. But I still don't know. I like him as a performer, I'm at least annoyed about what happened between us, but I don't know what else - there is more, but I can't identify it.

And... my disguise... I'd upload a photo of it, but you lot don't know how I look normally, so I'm not sure how much help that would be. Basically, I became a brunette. Not just a brown-haired version of my usually blond self, I mean, but a brunette. So, female. Curly brown wig, brown eyebrows, eyeliner, fake boobs, girl sandals, women's blue jeans, sleeveless shirt, et cetera et cetera et cetera. Leigh's mother still recognised me - but that was okay: I like her, and she didn't ask any questions.

And... surprisingly, I didn't feel all that much like I was crossdressing. I was in the guise of a different person, but that the person was female was no more opposite to my inclinations than my male personae have been when I've used them in public (yes, I did once buy a smoothie while wearing a glued-on mustache I made myself). So, I guess this lends further credence to my androgyne label...

And now I must to bed. Good night, all.