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Resumed my gym routine today, I miss that feeling, that rush you get after you push yourself. I figured that's just what I needed - right now I feel much more alive.

I've also moved out recently. Things are starting to fall into place. I'm saving a lot of money cooking my own meals, and also appreciating cooking itself. My boyfriend's over a lot and he helps keep things in order. I'm a domestic idiot. My god there are still so many things to do (assembling some furniture I bought, putting a wash on, taking shirts to the dry cleaners etc. so on)

I've also stopped clubbing. Also drinking a lot less. Mostly for financial reasons. My goodness, what's happening? I live so close to town and sexy boys (albeit being in a relationship) and clubs I don't even care? Once I even stayed home to read a book (nerd alert: Crimes Against Humanity).

Anyways, things are going okay. I like my wardrobe and my collection of books. I'll take a photo of my room once everything's tidy...

NB: should write more about my boyfriend, but I think I'd rather be with him than write about him

Also: family drama, mother called me. My dad is 'probably' in a relationship with my aunt-in-law. Yes you read that right. And she's the aunt that pretended to be religious so my religious grandma with dementia would give her all the inheritance instead of to my mother (and I think she's going after my dad's money now). Oh my god, my family's fucked up. I've kind of just removed myself from it all - so... just casually putting that out there.