Dear Professor

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Dear Professor,

Thank you for showing me those episodes of that TV have now officially triggered me three times without having said one word to me individually.

Thanks for making a good day turn upside down.

(NOT) Yours


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expound? or,


or, alternately,

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? Sorry to say I don't

Sorry to say I don't understand your message.

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expound: explain by fleshing

expound: explain by fleshing out or telling a story.

in short, i said "what happened?"

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He first showed us a

He first showed us a psychological thriller/horror/sci-fi sado-masochistic movie. One week later, he showed us something about the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq (with digital photographs, video taken from the actual prison, and interviews, too). And then a cop show that basically makes fun of homosexuals, keeps saying all these slurs and shows pedophiles locking up this girl in a cage and all this other sh*t. Scariest things ever.

I've actually had really bad images in my head because of him. It astounds me that he didn't have to put a disclaimer in the course description. It also makes me really mad because I can't take back what I saw. It makes me feel gross and sick inside.

oh, and *hugs*

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oh god, that's awful!

oh god, that's awful! somebody once told me that we all have drawers in our heads, and when we see something like that, some people put it into the drawer and close it and only take it out when they need it, and some people just let their drawers explode everywhere and then the bad things are on the floor of their brains and they think about it all the time.

I'd rather be the explodey-drawers type, though. it hurts, but at least we don't forget that the world is fucked up.

sucks about the class, though. a lot. what's the course supposed to be?