Did the flyby fly by?

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I haven't seen gaj online here in so long.

And haven't heard back from her via private message....?


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I was wondering the same -

I was wondering the same - gaj hasn't been on all weekend. Probably just out of town and/or cut off from Internet access?

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It's been far more than a weekend now, and I'm starting to worry.

This whole week has been low on Oasis activity, really. Look, almost three days' worth of material on the first page of Recent Posts, and Flyby isn't the only one conspicuously absent. Are a whole bunch of people away? Do they have school breaks or vacations at strange times of year? Are they meeting in some mystery location and having a party without us? Are they all deciding to wean themselves from Oasis addiction all at once? Have they caught some mystery illness? Where is everybody?

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Some are enjoying...

...a much-too-long President's "Day" break!

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:( I know...is everything

I know...is everything okay with everyone? :/
worried here, too.

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I emailed gaj this morning.

I emailed gaj this morning. here's to hoping I hear back.