Dropping off the workout bandwagon?

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I was doing a beginning workout that I did daily...consisting of weights and using a rowing machine. But now I've stopped for a whole week...haven't done either weights nor the machine since January 30, 2011. Advice on how to get back on the bandwagon?

I think the reason I've been putting it off, my exercising/lifting, is because I've felt pretty awful about myself lately...the dysphoria has been strong, my depression has been really bad, I've felt little sense of self-worth, and I've had a large amount of self-loathing going on and a lot of denial about my gender (identity).



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dont worry, this happens to me alot. it helps me to, once i stop doing something, to desighn a new one, with new amounts of time and action. also you could start small and make it grow. itll be easier to do something thats fuve minutes at first tthen thirty. then add a minute each day, or 5 minutes each week, or whatever fits you.

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Okay, a week isn't that

Okay, a week isn't that bad.

Do pushups, randomly. Say, I'll be lounging in my room, bored, and then I'll just hit the floor and crank a few out. So on some days I could do about a hundred pushups, but not all at once, and you'll probably still see some gains (if I do a lot I'm gonna be sore the next day).

Exercise boosts endorphins, I think, that feel-good-hormone, so maybe if you just force yourself to get started you might actually feel better about the other things that are bothering you?

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i'm big on the endorphins

i'm big on the endorphins bandwagon. excersizing clears your mind and cheers you up. set a specific time for each day that you do it. like brushing your teeth or showering- just make it a habit.