Everyone is talking about MacAvity!

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I couldn't think of a title. Sorry. But seriously, all through today people kept saying things that reminded me of MacAvity. Conversations about skeletons, duelling, birds and the actual original poem Macavity all popped up in the same day. Huh.

I'm really worried about the fish Eli. While I was in NY my uncle volunteered for feeding duty and waaay overfed, and… Eli looks kind of sick and is being taken to Petco for examnation soon. :(
My insane wig had the desired effect! Unfortunately I didn't have time to put it on properly before school-a bit of my hair showed in back. So I wore a yellow hoodie and was then told I 'looked like a neon, electrified Justin Bieber'. Which is both true and hilarious.
Do you ever rediscover memories and laugh at them? I hadn't heard a song for ages and it just came up on Shuffle. And I remembered-
The summer I was going into sixth grade. I was at a 3-week sleepaway camp, CTY. My hall was going to perform a song, and I thought: This is a great song. It is a love song, though, and our hall is all girls… It would be awesome if I coud dress as a guy and give K (best singer) roses and stuff.
Seriously, I just stumbled upon that memory and started laughing crazily.
K was my roomate. Who was a Year Older, going into seventh. Looking back, I think I had a crush of some sort. Oh- yeah, I did. THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!


I just finished reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson for the second time. I swear, I'm going to make a shirt that says 'Wildkits respect EVERYONE' and see if anybody gets it.



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I love Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Have you read any other John Green books? My favorite was An Abundance of Katherines. So sweet.

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I'm in the middle of reading that right now! I haven't read any others and liked the writing in WG,WG so... I started reading An Abundance of Katherines... I do like it so far :)

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The other books by him, Paper Towns, and Looking For Alaska,

Are REALLY sad. But they're amazing! I'm just really emotional so those books made me cry FOREVER.

I love the part about Thunderstick... XD

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hello shelby let's talk

hello shelby let's talk about how much we love john green?
I love john green.

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John Green is the sexiest writer alive

No doubt.

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Yes, I feel like you would

Yes, I feel like you would enjoy the Katherines book because of the sheer creativity of it. I loved that book.

Glad to know I can go to Petco for an examination. I wonder what would happen if I showed up and asked them when I was scheduled for....hmm....

Ah, and the Justin Bieber thing sounds fun :)! Where'd ya find that wig/bright hoody?
Speaking of hoody/hoodie (the spellling), ever notice that something has 1 calorie, not 1 calory. Frustrating.

Clementines are good but I get so caught up in trying to get all the weird white stuff off that it takes forever to eat XD.

Oh and love the title of this, by the way.

Rediscovering memories I find is fun though sometimes sort of sad for me because I'll get jealous of my younger self.

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'Spellling'? XD

I think it's 'hoodie'. I'm still not using my dictionary!
I have no idea where the hoodie came from, but the wig was from the Garment District in Boston, where they sell a bunch of costumey-hippie-nutty articles of clothing. There was a wig mega-sale, which was why I was there. The thing only cost eight dollars! Score!
I'm a little more than halfway through Katherines and it's such a funny book. Mwah.
Eli-fish is still alive :) (that was a nervous smile). Keeeeep recovering, pleaseplease... I can't really tell how to take extra-good care of a fish when all I can do is provide food and clean the bowl every couple of days...

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Hehe, that's funny I

Hehe, that's funny I misspelled spelling, no?

I've been to the Garment District!! ITs such a grand place. I love Boston.

Yay for Eli's aliveness.