First kiss(:

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its been a few months since the incident occurred,,, it was one of those random nights out with the friends:)
we went out ate food told jokes, hung out late... and then wen no one else was left the group of four(including me) went to the pick up and told stories in the back.
HE was there too.. my first real ever Guy crush... idk wat made him so different from the other crushes before.. mayb cuz he was,,, well the only one i actually wanted to have a relationship with rather than jus makeout and stare forever- off course i wanted those too, bt wit him... it was all different.
well anyways bak to the pick up... we were all jus sitting around telling stories, the steps which led to the nights secret delights have been forgotten. all i remember was Him taking off his shirt infront of all of us... it became an all out orgy in the back of that pick up. we were all testing the waters, we thought he was joking at first cuz the rest of us were well not straight and he was. we were in a parking lot of a Park near the road and cars kept passing, he suggested we all go somewhere not so in public. we drove the car to a secluded marina and there in back of the car, we all did things that will never b forgotten....
I kissed my first ever guy! and it was the best bcuz he was my FIRST REAL CRUSH so im happy:) and we made out too! so all in all that night was GREAT:)
im happy we did those things haha and glad i had the company of others to push me to do the deeds haha it wasnt bad peer pressure, the others knew how i felt about him, so they all made sure by the end of the night, i got wat i deserved. and bcuz of that i wont ever forget them:) haha it was great:) i loved it.
now we're all casual friends him most of all, the other two are sisters to me. he walks by with shy smiles and we all kept the secret from the rest of the group for about two months b4 it all came spilling out. now one of the others in the group finds my old crush "interesting" i have nothing to say about it. i'm over and done wit it him most especially. glad he was my first and wont ever forget it... all i know now is... my thoughts on chinese men wont ever b the same:)