Happy Justin Bieber Day!

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I have no idea why, but my brother decided today was Justin Bieber Day and has gotten the haircut. And is now running around yelling 'NEVER SAY NEVER!' to people. This is especially entertaining as the only JB song either of us actually knows is Baby. Wait, is that break-break your heart song Bieber? I sorta know that one.
Ah, avoiding the subject again.
I've felt somewhat better today. A bit off, a bit squished inside. It's an improvement that may be because I'm at my mom's house, where I'm *gasp* supervised. I've been laughing and smiling all day, but the only times it was real were 1. When I saw the smileys all over my arm 2. When Bday gave me a memory test for gaj's science-testing project and I scored well on it. WHOO! 3. When we got to sing at a 13 rehearsal.
That's three more times than I really smiled yesterday. It's thanks to my remembering the comments on my journal.
There's nothing people take for granted more than contentedness, I believe. The ability to feel okay without being happy, and not have a cloud of doooom hovering over my thoughts, ready to rain if I acknowledge its existence.
So I'm ignoring the cloud AMAP.
Reasons Tuesday is my Favorite Day:
Tuesday chorus 2nd period!
13 music rehearsals
go home to mom's house after school
the word 'Tuesday' is really fun to see and say
Glee is on (this wasn't originally on the list, but somebody pointed it out while I was listing and it's worth noting)
An 'enrichment' (free period) that I can do homework in for an hour so I actually get sleep Monday night
I'm not tired Tuesdays!
So there you have it. If today was Wednesday I'd probably be depressedish, but there's so much Tuesday that I haven't collapsed yet.
Today at school people started talking about that 'gay hands' thing, with finger length? It means nothing but testosterone levels, of course, but I noticed that my left hand is gay and my right is straight. It's really close, though.
I find this funny.


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I'm so glad to see you on

I'm so glad to see you on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blah, I was worried abbout the baby rainbowsy!

I'm so happy to hear the smileys helped :). as always, I'm still here. i wont run away because its sunny.

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It's not really sunny, though. It's at that point where the sky looks greyish and rainy but no storm has happened yet. If I ignore the dark sky maybe it will cease to exist.
Your messages paired with MacAvity's journal have made today so much better than it would've been otherwise. I don't feel fixed, but I feel hopeful and slightly more confident. This is so much.

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Justin doesn't turn 18 until March 1, 2012. Isn't that Justin Beiber Day?

Err, not like I pay attention to things like that, of course...

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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is actually posted on your calendar?


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Break your heart is by taio

Break your heart is by taio cruz ft ludacris

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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Yay tuesdays

I like Tuesday's too!

Smile :)
Forget peoples rude remarks
Those people are just jealous of your awesomeness!!!!