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Yeeeeeah. So my friend comes up to me this morning and actually asks if I want to be in this year's Christmas musical-whatever he's writing.

Okay... Number one. I don't celebrate f*cking Christmas, jerk.
Number two. It's.... February.

His response:
"Well I figure, you could be Mary because she was a Jew."

"... It's February."

"If you want I guess I could write a song for you."

"CJ. It's February."

"I know you like singing."

"Are you high?"

"Can you hit soprano notes?"

"No, but that's beside the point. CJ, what are you smoking-"


"Sometimes. Get that marijuana out of my room."

"Ok, jeez. If you're racist against Christians you don't have to do it."

"Oh for f*ck's sake, I wish you'd just be an atheist like everyone else here. Get out of my room until you're intelligent again."

And I push him out of my room.

And this is a f*cking Honor's College, people. COME ON.

Rant over.


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Do you have to be Christian to be in a Christmas musical? And if he's still writing it, would it not cease to be February long before the production could actually be staged? I'm sorry if I'm misinterpreting because I don't understand the context, but this actually sounds like kind of a nice offer to me...

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He likes to shove Christ

He likes to shove Christ down my throat. I wouldn't have been angry, though, if he weren't smoking marijuana in my room.

I guess you're right about the February thing. I didn't think of that. :P

Hey senator- love the dress.