I love when people call me guy names

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The other night, in my media class we watched a movie that really triggered me. I felt the effects of it later that night as I sent texts to people not sounding like myself.
Which included a text to a close guy friend of mine (who I'm not out as trans to) and asked him what guy name he thought would suit me. He let a lot of time elapse before texting back, "I'm confused. Like a name if you were a guy?" And I texted "yes" going on to explain that I was sorry for my forwardness. Because I hate one-word texts.

He told me the name that suits me, the male name, and I don't know how I feel about it. It's Anthony. I've been told I'm an Anthony once(?) before, but never took it as much.

Then, today, as part of a psychology class, we were each assigned different names. The lecture was on learning by means of association. And so the teacher said that he would call us each names that had some sort of significance to him. He said someone he knew was named Tony. And asked who wanted to be Tony. Before thinking much about it, I raised my hand.

The teacher wrote my name on the board as Tony and refered to me as Tony every time he called on me. The names were based on people he knew and Tony was not used as a woman's nickname, but a macho man name, instead.

I don't think I'm supposed to like a guy's name as much as this, but I do.
I didnt want to take off the name tag.

He called me Tony every time he called on me in class. And the TAs (teaching assistants) were there and they said "(Insert girl birth name here), --er, I mean... Tony "

Am I weird for liking this so much? I almost don't want to change the lesson. Ever. I hope that I stay Tony for the rest of the semester. Oh, how GRAND that wouuld be!

While I'm on the trans topic, I have talked to that teacher and one or two of the TAs in the class about it.

And then on the public bus I overheard someone speaking on their cell phone and they said something along the lines of "Oh, did she comment on how lightly you pack?" I put my head in my hands, to stifle that laugh a little bit. The word "pack" makes me lose it every time. Oh, to be a trans man...


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Ugh, the first time (woah,

Ugh, the first time (woah, slow) I was sorta successful at using italics on here. The last few paragraphs of that aren't supposed to be italicized though. Still figuring this shyt out.

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You need to put a / before the second i in the closing tag.

Also, you didn't just italicize the rest of your post, but the rest of the site under you, hehe. But that is more of a site issue that shouldn't happen...

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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:P It just switched back to

It just switched back to regular text. Super uber confused.

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I fixed it

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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that's super exciting! I

that's super exciting! I always get my guy-name fix at coffeeshops and such where they ask what name to call when your order's ready.

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Heh, heh

You're still Eli, though, not Tony.... aren't you?

I've taken to just writing my last name on my school papers, in the hopes that teachers and maybe other people as well will leave off using my first name (which one teacher actually has - yay!) .... it helps that my surname can also be a male first name - even though I don't really want to go by guy names all the time, some helps balance with all the times people use my girl name. Really I'd rather be called MacAvity in real life, but that's unlikely to catch on...

Yeah, I get that mental (usually just mental...) giggle upon hearing words straight people use so much differently, too.

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Jeff...you always have the

Jeff...you always have the answer ;)
Hilde/Charles... :D EEP THANKS! I'm thinking of calling a sports store, asking if they have guy's shoes, but asking in my deep voice, see if I can pass via telephone. Cause I still am not passing in real life :( which sucks.majorly.

MacAvity---Yeah, I feel more Eli than Tony. Do you think one fits more than the other? I know its ultimately my choice, but still...?
AND YAY! I've done the last name thing too but my last name can't pass as a first name at all.
hehe, mental giggles ;p
Oh and on my sheet at therapy I sometimes dont write my name. :P To AVOID having to choose. :P. I sort of want to try writing Eli just to see what they say....hmm...?

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hm... you should do it! I

hm... you should do it! I have no idea what it's like trying to pass. I'd rather confuse people a little than convince them I'm a different body than I am, for now at least. See how it goes, tho?

ps, about names, you should totally write eli on your sheet at therapy. You've already found out that there are understanding people there.