I will regularly write an opinion piece to be more active from now on

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I apologise for the double post, but this is concerned with a completely different subject matter. I've been thinking for about a week, about how inactive I've been. So from now on I'm going to write an opinion piece once in a while on something I've recently read that I think is interesting, controversial, or topical.

I just don't feel like I need to write journals that much anymore. But I decided I want to be more active, so this is a good way to do it. I got this idea after reading some articles on women's rights and transgender legislation in my study which I thought might interest some of you. Of course what I read tend to be shrouded (often unnecessarily) with jargon and distinctions and so on, but I'll try and make it as accessible as possible. And don't worry it won't all be argument... I'll try and put some feelings in there too (I do try sometimes).

And neither will it always be about GLBT issues. Because I think there's more to the world and our lives than GLBT issues. Anyways, I hope this is a good idea and you guys will enjoy it. But of course it's also totally noncommital on your guys' part. I do it because I enjoy reading too. I just want to share that and stimulate some thought and perhaps some discussion.

Opinion posts in the future will be tagged as 'Opinion' like this one.


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Looking forward to your...

...forthcoming OpEds.

Oasis will now have at least two qualified essayists...

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Ooh. Fun.

I used to write essays. Maybe in time I'll do this once I get to know you folks.

Hey senator- love the dress.