Moving is so stressful

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I'm going to sleep

So much stuff to pack and shit.

At least my wardrobe is looking amazing!


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Can I take a peek?

Just a quick one :)

I'm confident that you've given this move much thought. I hope it proves to be all that you hope for!

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I've only moved my clothes

I've only moved my clothes over

I'm at my old place right now (packing) but I'l get sme photos up once I've made the BIG move


yeah I've had a good think although it's all very sudden... I think I've been too worried and uptight about it for no reson at first. it had to happen some day (moving out). got to become more independent. financially i'm ok - and if anything IT'S FUN and IT'S IN THE CBD! Which is fucking fantastic it's close to everything!

P.S. next are my books. going to buy a desk and a shelf tomorrow :D

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What's that?

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central business district so

central business district

so like, real close to my university, the sky tower - aka tallest building in the southern hemisphere, transport, shops, all the bars/clubs, and other like-minded youths livin in the area ;)

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Sounds like...'ve struck gold. I hope it doesn't prove to be FeS₂!

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I move in two weeks and just got the moving boxes tomorrow and getting more today, so it's going to be crazy here, too. I'll probably throw away a lot of stuff, too, rather than pack it. heh.

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