My Arms + Red Pen

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'FLYBY,' part of a butterfly, part of a rainbow, the 'GA' of 'GAJINDIAK,' and several smilies.

*hugs* and some smilies.

'BABY RAINBOWSY,' one end of a rainbow, the 'YBY' of 'FLYBY,' and some smilies.

A strand of DeoxyriboNucleic Acid and some smilies.

A butterfly, the 'AJ' of 'GAJ,' and some smilies.

'FLYBY,' a butterfly, the 'GAJIND' of 'GAJINDIAK,' and some smilies.

The 'NDIAK' of 'GAJINDIAK,' some smilies.

'Smiley Army,' some smiley soldiers, an orange.

'Smiley Army,' several smiley soldiers, a strand of DeoxyriboNucleic Acid, an orange.

A rainbow, the 'GAJI' of 'GAJINDIAK,' smilies.

A kid in a panda hat, a few smilies.

A kid in a panda hat, the 'Smiley' of 'Smiley Army,' *hugs*, some smiley soldiers.


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i adore the butterfly.

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I should do one for you

I should do one for you tomorrow. I'd include some Arabic writing in it if I knew how.

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looks great. <3 have you

looks great. <3
have you heard from gaj today? i havent :(

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this is adorable What power

this is adorable

What power does Hell have over its minions if they cannot dream of Heaven?

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Oh, MacAvity! Thank you so much!

You are so... just... oh, I don't know. Thankyousosososomuch …that just made me feel incredibly hopeful. Now I want to go hug a stuffed animal or something out of total ♪-ness. The whole thing is so thoughtful and kind and caring and stalkerish-in-a-good-and-very-MacAvity-way.
Oh, this made me feel so much better.
I appreciate it so much... oh...
Did people think oddly of your arms today?
I honestly feel like I'm going to evaporate now. In a good way, of course.

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Besides merely expressing

Besides merely expressing support, I thought it would help give you some definition - these are all pictures and words of things that make up Who-Flyby-Is in my knowledge, and last night you really seemed to be wanting some definition.

When people asked, I told them some portion of the truth, and thereby introduced two or three people to the concept of gajindiaks.

I'm really glad this helps. Smiley-doodled-arm huuugggg!

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See, now I'm having trouble stringing words together.

Oh, it helped in both those ways. Yes. Oh, this is just so wonderful...
Huuugggg back with rather smiley-doodled arms and yes... Oh, words are such a bother sometimes.
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
That's better.