My night

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I cried while watching the Oscars. Sounds completely pathetic, I realize that. It was during the memoriam. It was a combination of the singing, song, and the photos. I wasn't crying for those people, but I just... in the middle of it, I just started thinking about my brother who passed away near the beginning of last year, and it all came out. My mom walked by and my immediate reaction was to cover up my face so she couldn't see. It's like, ever since his death, everything's just easier to connect to, and easier to cry about.

When I'm thinking about him, I just think about how completely and totally fucked up everything is. Because it is. Cried the other night too, when I couldn't sleep. I got dragged back into thinking about him and everything surrounding his death and his life. Not to dramatize it all, I just felt like I needed to tell somebody.

I cried at the end of Toy Story 3 when I watched it...whenever that was. Last month, I think. Everything just feels different now.