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Things are ... interesting.

I came out today to someone at therapy as transgendered. Ack it was so unbelievably scary I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

Right now I identify as a transguy. Ask me again in five minutes and you may get a different response. I know who I'm attracted to but I don't feel the labels gay/lesbian/bisexual/straight fit for me, let alone the fact that I'm not nearly at all interested in the sexual aspect of a relationship.

I've been working so hard recently on my OCD exposures...I've already done three different kinds of exposures.

Valentine's Day is coming up and it makes me feel like shyt just because it points to the fact of my alone-ness.
Also a lot of my anniversaries are coming up...its nearly been two years now of being diagnosed with depression, of visiting the hospital the very first time.

I've made it since August 29/30, 2010 without going to the hospital which is an awesome sign :). Granted, before that I made it from April 26, 2009 to August 29/30, 2010 but still, I am going to celebrate these last few months. I've been very good and I know I need to acknowledge that.

I've made so many strides...started college, finished my old therapy, started a new therapy...


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(Abrupt ending because I

(Abrupt ending because I stopped knowing what to write and got distracted)

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Humans mostly think in

Humans mostly think in language, which explains our pathological need to label things and put words to them lest our little minds kabloosh and implode.

Valentine's Day would be totally awesome. If I wasn't single and lonely, that is. To have someone to just be with, on a quasi-special occasion that gives you an excuse to pamper someone.

Yeah, my brain stopped working. I was gonna say some more stuff but then my brain went "meh".

Meaningful sympathetic encouraging comment here XD

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That didn't seem so terribly random to me. I was expecting talking Styrofoam bananas or something. Anyway, goodforyou on the coming out, and on the hospital thing! Gooduckonthat in the future! Shfwoo!