Saving graces

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I found myself the victim of a Mormon Home-Invasion this morning. I knew what was coming from the start, but when they asked to come in, I said yes. I suppose it was out of loneliness, because I haven't left the house but three or so times in the past two weeks.
They talked to me for three hours, I think, and we had a relatively stimulating spiritual conversation. Talking about the nature of God, the possibility of spirits, the divinity or humanity of Jesus Nazarene. After a while I bid the on their way. For once, I was actually sorry to see them leave.
I have pushed away human contact for a long time now. I don't want to talk to people, see people, that sort of thing. My close friends have been pushed off my property after only two minutes of conversation, and I haven't answered my phone.
I know my loneliness comes from my self-exile, but I don't want to stop. I couldn't tell you.
That is all.


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It sounds like you've just

It sounds like you've just been depressed lately. I started getting like that once, and as crazy as this might sound to some people, I went to talk to the pastor at a local church. I'm not really a big religious person, but the people that lead the churches aren't all about God and Jesus and stuff. They're also sort of spiritual guides, and are good at seeing what you could do in situations you're struggling with.

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i wish some Mormons or Jehova witness people would come to our neighborhood. although maybe not after someone went on a crazed paintball rampage in some stupid campaign against them.
some people...

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Were this to happen...

...I can't help wondering who would be attempting to convert whom.

And... would any winner emerge from the conflagration? :)