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Have you lot seen those feathers girls have taken to wearing in their hair? They're long and skinny and soft and black-and-white striped. A tremendous number of my classmates have them, and they seem to have appeared kind of suddenly - like one month nobody even knew what they were, the next month at least one or two girls in every class period were wearing them.

And I actually like them. Really? A sudden, sweeping fashion trend and I like it? This is sort of uncharacteristic of me. Then again, I suppose it's proof that I dislike (or, usually, am indifferent to or even oblivious of) most sudden, sweeping fashion trends on their own merit, rather than out of principle. So that's good, then.

Even more surprisingly, I'm kind of tempted to get one. That's the weirdest thing, to me. This is a fad, affecting girls, and I am tempted to jump on the trend wagon. How very unlike me.

But I really think I might do it, if it's even possible for someone with hair as short as mine to do it. Or maybe I'll figure out how they're fastened and put an owl feather in my hair instead, if the skinny black-and-white ones wouldn't work for me. Or maybe I'll just say, 'Yeah, I like those,' and not put the effort or money into actually getting one.

Heheheh. I surprise myself.


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it might just be on your area, cuase ive never seen one like anywhere around here.

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Never saw anything like that around here. It does set off my animal rights bells, though.

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It's easy

They are really easy all you need is a crimping bead, (craft stores) a feather (or feathers) and some pliers to crimp the bead down around hair and feather. don't know about getting hair through bead though especially short hair, try one of those things for threading needles. As for the idea of following this ridiculous trend; I don't know everyone around me has blue and black stripped ones and at first I thought they were cute; until everyone had them maybe an owl feather would be different, I don't know. -But... it does suck when you realize you are just as suseptable to fads as everybody else, especially if you (like me) talked a lot of shit about trend followers.

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See, I don't want to not do it just because everyone else is doing it - that seems like a stupid reason not to do something, and I already find myself tending toward that sort of behavior more often than I would like. I'd like to be just as little susceptible to rejecting fads as I am to following them..... I try not to think 'Just to be different' is reason enough. Blue and black stripes sound a little silly; the girls at my school all have black and white, and I do kind of like the way they look. Laura, thanks for the tips on how to attach them... I may experiment with that sometime.

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haven't seen that around

haven't seen that around here much

it sounds nice though...

a dream is a wish ur heart makes lol!

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There have been a bunch of

There have been a bunch of girls with them around my area! They come in orange and pink too, but they all have the black stripes.