Valentine's Day

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Sat on a park bench downtown by the creek in the rain. Waited for someone else lonesome to sit down beside. Gave up and wandered and looked at the other park benches downtown in the rain - all empty. A few couples wandering about. A few shoppers. A few pedestrians. Nobody lonesome on a park bench downtown in the rain. Walked home.

Missed Grey. Missed Leigh. Missed Dunno. Considered stopping by Leigh's house - it was right there two or three blocks out of the way. Didn't want to see Leigh or talk to him though - not since whenever that was in November. Considered walking all the way out to Grey's house far out of the way. Definitely a bad idea though even for the lonely whose heart has still not been captured or drawn by any other. Wondered about Grey and Solace with no sort of hope in the wondering. Considered calling Solace with some telephone somewhere - that's not against any resolutions - needed to speak with someone so badly even someone toward whom so many mixed feelings and negative. Too cowardly to call Solace.

Felt backwardsly good just for still thinking of all of them.