Well, I am seriously annoyed!

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My dad has disconnected the keyboard and mouse from the computer again. Did I not specifically say, 'Don't disable the computer tonight; I'll be doing homework later'? I DID. I'm already several days behind on my work due to sickness and this is Not Helpful. AT ALL.
My dad is drunk and not admitting it. 'Oh, I've totally quit drinking! And marijuana!' So... why are you slurring your words, throwing stuffed birds at me, and filling the house with an interesting scent? 'Noh, Ihm noh dru-nkkkkk.'
Okay, yeah, my freakazoid is freaking me out. I walked into History and randomly said (to the people in my vicinity) 'I have an annoying song stuck in my head. Someone sing something.'
And suddenly my thigh is being stroked oddly and my hand is being pushed into a simaler location on the freakazoid's leg.
I almost fainted. Phwooo...
I need a name for my freakazoid. Any suggestions?
(Incidentally, Teenage Dream was the song that was in my head originally. Go figure.)
At lunch there was a severe lack of people at my usual table. Clueless, Other, Gennifer, Shneer, and I were the only ones, and this is a fairly large table. And then an annoyance ran up to Shneer and stage-whispers, 'You know people will and do think you're gay for always sitting with girls?!'
I would have said something here but decided to watch how Shneer handled it instead.
It was really awesome. Annoyance will never annoy us again! XD
♪ So take a chance and don't ever look back, don't ever look back…♪
Still firmly in my head.
Life in general is kind of frustrating me. There isn't anything big enough to journal alone, but together the small things are making me somewhat miserable. I hate that.


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You know you love me I know you care

Just shout whenever and I'll be there. You want my love you want my heart and we will never ever be apart. Are we an item, girl quit playing, we're jus friends, what are you saying. That there's another look right in my eyes, my first love broke my heart for the first time and I was like BABY BABY BABY OH like BABY BABY BABY NO...
Do you have teenage dream out of your head yet ;)
I love the glee version, hate the Katy perry version.

A name for your freakazoid? Well, would you care to elaborate more on what she looks like and things? Doesn't freakazoid work?

What's so gay about a guy being surrounded by girls? I know I wouldnt mind...but then again I'm a duke so...

You're so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line. ;)

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I'm afraid it may be copyright infringement to say 'freakazoid'.

Oh, same on the Glee vs. Katy Perry thing. Unfortunately it was the Katy one in my head.
Aaaaaand it's not in my head anymore! Thanks... I guess XD

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bbut it's like everybody may

bbut it's like everybody may or may not encounter their own freakazoid in life. It's not a proper noun, just a regular one. or something?

I feel like if i met a freakazoid who tried to touch me that much, she'd get punched... >.<

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It's okay if you say

It's okay if you say freakazoid :D