What a crazy night

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I had a crazy dream last night, so I figured I'd tell all of you how it went....
I took my parents to this movie about an ftm trans teen and afterwards my Dad kept saying "I don't understand...I just don't understand..." The movie was all about this teen who gets bullied and his mom is some sort of senator or some person involved in law and keeps saying she's aware of it but how it doesn't impact her. She keeps on saying that she has absolutely no opinion on it, that she's fine having a trans child but really she doesn't talk about it. And then the teen gets bullied a lot and this big voice coming from the wind tells him what to do and he ends up being fine...yaddayaddayadda.

And then after the movie (and even in my dream I'm still not out yet), my parents keep explaining how confused they are about this person. And then they asked questions about binding and I was like "uhhh...I don't know. Why would *I* know?!" And then they went to this cafe and they went to get some food/drinks for us and one of my trans friends randomly pops up and is sitting across from me at the table and I said "I don't want to come out to them yet," and he said, "Yeah, I figured...don't worry, I won't say anything." Me: "Thanks."

So weird. I can't remember what else happened in the dream.

Oh, and I've decided that maybe I'll read my new therapist my trans coming out letter (I haven't shown anyone yet) and I'm not sure that its "necessary."