Winter gone

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Softly falls the rain of spring
gently comes the flowers
Lovingly the bright, bright ring
shines in daylight hours
Human-kind; the Wicked Folk
The Faerie, and the Gnomes
The Wights who live in darkness' cloak
The waterfalls and stones
The soft and gentle feel of mist
The whisp'ring willow's song
The dreaming man Thanatos kiss'd
with fear and loathing gone
Iris' kiss drapes o'er the sky
and flowers bloom below

Winter gone, now we wake.

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Hey (*^_^*) That was

Hey (*^_^*)

That was great.

I've tried writting stuff llike that but I can never get myself to like it so it usually ends up lost some where or torn up or something.

Hey was it one of those instant inspiration things or did it take you a while to get your thoughts organized and written down?

And what was your inspiration?

Write back when you get a chance.

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Thank you. :)

I pretty much always write from instant inspiration, although sometimes I have to backtrack.

My inspiration was, as it usually is, just wanting to write something beautiful. I'm glad someone thought it was, that really makes me feel validated.
Are you, by any chance, going to Scarborough fair?

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Your welcome (*^_^*)

It really is a great poem.

I like try writing stories sometimes but they almost always never last past the first burst of inspiration.

And no I've never gone to the Scarborough fair, what is it?

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That's a song reference and it is also my signature.

I write novels, although recently someone stole both my identity and three of my stories! Can you believe that? Some young asshole went around using my work as his own, and even took my name. Now I'm afraid I never give my novels to anyone but my very close friends.

Okay, fine, my only close friend.

But keep trying to write. That initial burst might only take you so far, but if you let it flow, the story will reveal itself. Novels are living creatures and they can take a lot of energy to bring to life.
Are you, by any chance, going to Scarborough fair?

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You wrote that? Sweet my friend...very good work...I mean I am not into poetry much but that caught my eye, read it all, and loved it all. Keep up the good work and you will go far my friend, you will go far.

Genius is not a sign of intelligence, but rather
that of common sense. Humor is the best pain pill.

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Thank you

I appreciate your kindness.