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I don't think Gay marriage will ever be real for me till it's legalized in California.

There are five states where Gay marriage is legal, and it looks like Maryland is going to join the bandwagon pretty soon too, so that's six.

But that just doesn't seem real to me. I guess it's because I'm from California, and I've never been anywhere else, but it just seems crazy to me that somewhere in the U.S someone can go someplace and be like "this is my wife". or husband or whatever. Unreal.

Being gay is such a taboo topic where I am right now, that it seems so crazy to be as open as being married requires one to be.

I was so psyched when gay marriage was legalized in California. I was ecstatic. But then, it's only been a couple of years and it already seems so far away.

And the only time I ever hear about gay marriage is in insipid in-class debates at my high school, where I have to hear people justify their prejudices. And I've already lost my patience for listening to that shit and explaining and convincing people, and I'm only 17.



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the someday will only come

the someday will only come if we are all willing to be vocal and stand up for our integrity. don't get to ttired to speak out. the change comes frompeople like you!

god, that was cheesy.

but still true.

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just wait,

we're moving in a great direction. it's just takes time.

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Or you could move to Canada.

Or you could move to Canada. We've got our share of bigoted morons, it's true, but we can wave our marriage licenses at them from all across the country =D

I'm 17, too, and if I had a nickel for every bigoted comment I've ever heard (and/or tried to counter) I'd just look down on people from my private helicopter and kick back in my Armani loafers and solid gold coffee table. ...yeah.