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My mouth has become an open sore in which words blister and die
I will write instead

ps art films like http://vimeo.com/14285798 this are REALLY annoying and pretentious
actually art films in general are really annoying and pretentious :p


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the only part that could be remotely considered as art was when that video came to an end. I'm not refering to the hypnotic artwork, I mean the actual ending.

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lmfao omg i liked the part

lmfao omg
i liked the part with the burning shirt though but that's it

my film teacher would love it though honestly when i make films for her class i literally sit there being like WHAT CAN I DO THAT WILL LOOK ARTSY AND GIVE ME AN A+

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Ummm...so...I just watched

Ummm...so...I just watched that video...

What the hell did I just watch?

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yer i went to the Tate in autumn and i totally respect the artists and everything, but some of the work just made no sense at all, its like what is it? The most annoying is when they have like a rock and some string or whatever and say it is all "Minimal" and "characteristic" when really its not.
Also have you seen SHOWstudio's videos their fashion videos but in arty, odd and quirky ways and mostly directed by Nick Knight.