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Has anyone here done any acting at all?

See at my school were doing this thing with cameras and one of my friends wants me to act for his 5 min. video.

See I'm not a very out going person it took me like 5 min for me to gather enough courage to even start acting and I think I did pretty good but the whole time we were filming it I felt like... I don't know but my heart was pounding, and I was shaking as if I was scared, which I might have been but I can't really remember.

It's like I remember being really alert while acting but I can't really remember how I acted or if I performed well at all.

So does anyone have any tips?



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I've been in all of my

I've been in all of my school plays except one and I do the exact same thing, everytime. After a while (formeanyways) it became... like an adrenaline rush or something. I'm not saying it will for you but that's what happened for me. I think it's just nerves, I dunno. One thing I've been told everytime you do a play is 1. Learn whatever lines you have (of course)and 2. Act over the top. That way the director can push you back to where you need to be. It's always easier to push an actor back then it is to pull them where you need them to be.
I don't know if this helps you, but here it is :)

"Love doesn't have eyes, it doesn't go by race or gender. Love goes by how the person makes you feel inside and sees the person for who they are on the inside." <3

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i'm more of a director than

i'm more of a director than an actor (see every journal entry i posted before february 19th) but the best way for me to combat nervousness is... okay i'm gonna be weird for a second.

When I'm acting, I'm not Hilde, acting. I'm whoever my character is, wherever they are. On a really good performance day, the audience surprises me by being there.

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I've done some acting and

I've done some acting and what I do is I try to see it as an opportunity to get adrenaline a runner running, almost like some sort of Acting High. What I do is I practice whatever I'm going to do, but then also make sure to practice it in a funny voice and just make sure to have fun with it.

And I try to think of everyone in the audience as a teddy bear (or rather thats what I tell others to do and tell myself to do but dont know if I actually DO)

Just remember to have fun. And that perfection is overrated.

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Ditto WSL's last paragraph.


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I personally can't really

I personally can't really act for a camera or for one or two people. I get too self-conscious, for some weird reason. I need to go from practicing alone to performing for an audience (in the case of a play, the directors and other actors can count as a sufficient audience for me). That's my personal acting idiosyncrasy.

Being the character is important, but sometimes it can work just as well to remember that the audience is there and that you're performing for it. Also, knowing your lines - are they still called lines even when the script isn't in verse? - is very important. Once you no longer need to think about what words you need to be saying, you're free to work on making those words believable.

If you think you did well, though, and were alert, chances are that you've done great.

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Hey everyone (*^_^*)

We did some shooting again to day and it was soooo much fun.

I had to play as this crazy sientist who's trying to find recognition for inventing the toster.

Today we used three other people from my class room and it was sooo funny when we started filming cause they were totally unprepared for me when I started.

See I'm not a really outgoing person and I just came at them, raving about how I invented the toster. It was so funny watching their faces cause they were so surprised and terified.

I am going to be so embaressed if I find out I made a fool out of myself.