Astronomy lab partners and why you should watch your handwriting

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Something weird happened to me today. So I was doing a project about stars in Astronomy, and my lab partner looks at my handwriting and says, "I bet you're a butch."
"What?" I say, puzzled. (I haven't really come out fully yet)
"You're handwriting is very masculine," she says. I'm pretty sure she wasn't joking either. She then proceeded to tell me that my voice, my clothes, and my handwriting all scream "butch," as she so nicely puts it.

First of all, how the hell do you know if someone's gay just by looking at their handwriting? Second, I don't really believe in all those lesbian stereotypes. I mean, just because a girl buys T-shirts from the dude's section at the store doesn't necessarily mean she's gay. Does anyone care to explain to me where people get this stereotype of what all lesbians look like from? The girl didn't bother me though. I don't think she was being rude. She's always been cool and she's hilarious.

Great news! I won't have to pick between German and Journalism next year! German IV is being offered 7th period and Journalism 8th period. Now I can commit to both. Frau Bakker is so pleased. I love that woman. But her chapter tests are ridiculously hard. I hope I didn't fail the one I took today.

Speaking of german, the whole german club is being featured in the school yearbook, which includes me, since I'm the club's vice president. Bleh. I had to do an interview with someone on the yearbook staff, and they took a shitload of pictures of me, which I HATE. I can't stand getting my picture taken. Something about seeing myself in a photograph bothers me. It's weird.

You know what I hate? When you're really irritated and you feel like being alone, and people feel the need to hover over you when it's obvious that you need some alone time. I had to deal with that today. My friend kept demanding to know what was wrong, following me around and shit. Gah. She knows I'm not always the most pleasant person to be around. Why push me? When you push me, I detach myself more. Why does she not understand this? I don't really consider her a friend. Just someone to talk to when I'm bored and need to pass the time. She's not a very good friend. She's very self-centered and her problems are always more important than everyone else's. And frankly, she's a whore. She claims to love one guy. Then two days pass, and she finds another guy and forgets about the first one that she was supposedly going to marry. Jesus. I don't understand how other teens do that all the time. How do you love someone for a few days and keep switching to a new person? I could never do that.


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The handwriting thing...

I have no idea. I don't write like the other girls, I have sloppy handwriting, but I write in very loopy cursive. Ooh, masculine, right? :P
Amazingly offensive <3

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Yes, your loopy cursive

Yes, your loopy cursive screams testosterone and manliness! ;P

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There is masculine and feminine handwriting, actually. The differences are particularly pronounced among teenagers. Teenage girls' handwriting tends to be very round, with each letter be more or less a circle, differentiated by short straight lines and semicircular curves. Teenage boys' handwriting has more variety, but less legibility, and is almost always smaller and narrower. These are, of course, generalisations, but true in the majority of cases. People with more feminine handwriting are usually feminine in other ways as well, et cetera. My own handwriting is fairly masculine, actually very much what one would expect from looking at my gender expression in general.

Also, being butch is not the same as being lesbian. Not only are there very effeminate lesbians (like Super Duck), there are also masculine heterosexual women who fit perfectly into the 'butch' label, though they are less common. However, butchness would probably be at least as apparent in your appearance and behavior than in your handwriting, and there'd be no 'I bet' about it....

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Hm. Interesting. I wasn't

Hm. Interesting. I wasn't aware that your handwriting was an expression of your masculinity or feminine-ness.
All I'm saying is that if a dude has feminine handwriting, should we automatically assume that he is in fact gay?

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Analyze this...


Right. Like I said, too much time. It's messy but precise, apparently.

The butch lesbian is the more visible, I guess. Femme lesbians (and I'm using the terms butch/femme very loosely here) just blend in with the straight gals so nobody notices and assumes all lesbians are butch.

That crush switching thing? It's called "hormones". Irritating stuff.

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Ah, I see. Hmmm, hormones.

Ah, I see.

Hmmm, hormones. That's strange. I don't go from one love to another like everyone else. Once I love someone I stay loyal to them. I guess that makes me weird!

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Because loreonpravus did it :P

It was done with my graphics tablet, which is basically just like writing with a pen, so it's pretty accurate. If I think about what I'm writing, it looks a lot nicer. This is a little nicer than my typical "fast" handwriting at school, like when I'm taking notes and stuff. I hate it sooo much. I don't really know if it's masculine or feminine, but it's super lame. Mine's so lame compared to everybody else's at school.

I don't get why there are stereotypes either... I mean, I can't understand how people can think that how masculine or feminine you are affects your orientation when there are totally straight tomboys who only shop in the guy's section and then girly lesbians like me who love makeup and short skirts. (FCG, who won't officially come out but is still pretty freaking gay anyway, is quite feminine too. Then there's a freshman girl at my school who fits tons of lesbian stereotypes but is still straight.)

And vice versa for guys; my best guy friend loves art and theater and loathes sports, but he's definitely straight. I just don't understand how that can be a stereotype, I guess.

WOW, this was a long, rambling comment. Haha, sorryyyy!

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Such beautiful handwriting

Such beautiful handwriting you have!

I know, right?! Why should your appearance (or your handwriting, for that matter) determine your sexual orientation? It's about what's within someone, not what they look like.