Check Your "Oasis" Clock!

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If you advanced your clocks this morning, you may wish to verify that your time stamp for Oasis is correct:

Click on "My account", then select "Edit." Check the "time zone" at the bottom, correct if needed, then click "Submit."



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Of course, you post this now, and so I look back to see if you've ever posted a journal before, because you never do, and you have, and it mentions journals from August 11, and so me being me, and me having been gone at that time, I just have to go back and see those journals, making me look backward through like 150+ pages of journals, then reading those 2 long long hunks of journal, and so basically taking a half hour out of my beautiful morning!!! ARGH!

No one escapes from life alive

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Cause now I'm curious!!
Amazingly offensive <3

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My clock is messed up...

The time thing doesn't show up right on the DSi, so I just guessed randomly which thing to click. Right now it's 21:44, (9:44); I have no clue what the Oasis clock says. It was never right.